Wednesday, June 4, 2014

A Million Ways to Die in the West

Releases May 30th, 2014
1 hr 54 mins
Rated R
Comedy, Drama



Seth MacFarlane


Seth MacFarlane as Albert
Charlize Theron as Anna
Amanda Seyfried as Louise
Liam Neeson as Clinch Leatherwood
Giovanni Ribisi as Edward
Sarah Silverman as Ruth
Neil Patrick Harris as Foy
Rex Linn as Sheriff
Ralph Garman as Dan
Wes Studi as Cochise

Review by Stephen M.

A Million Ways to Die in the West is the brainchild of Seth MacFarlane who is most known for Family Guy.  Besides Seth being in the film, you can definitely feel his style of comedy throughout as the Director with the type of witty jokes being similar to that of Family Guy.  In the west as the title implies, has never been deadlier, but also never been funnier as well with Seth leading the corral.

Seth plays Albert a sheepish sheep herder who loses his girlfriend Louise (Amanda Seyfried) due to his cowardice.  The new girl in town Anna (Charlize Theron) helps him to believe in himself to take on Foy (Neil Patrick Harris) who now has Louise's heart.  Anna has a secret though in the form of Clinch Leatherwood, her ex-husband (Liam Neeson) looking to get her back.

The craziness in this movie stems from Albert's ineptitude and his cowardice in the wild wild west.  Applying a lot of modern day trends to the old west like the popularity of photography especially smiling is debated heatedly between Albert and Anna.  Albert's friend Edward (Giovanni Ribisi) also has a gal too, a local prostitute Ruth (Sarah Silverman), both of which has yet to consummate their love for each other in bed besides her profession and her "Christian" faith.  Yes the film pokes fun at everyone, with a no holds bar approach.  But what separates A Million Ways to Die in the West from other goofball films is the intelligence and thought obviously taken to carry it out.  It also doesn't hurt when the film contains such a talented cast.

As much as the film will make you laugh, there are points in which the humor is just off.  For example, Foy stoking his mustache over and over again just doesn't do it for me.  Seth may be a comedic genius, but acting is still not a strong suit of his still.  I enjoyed Charlize Theron, Sarah Silverman and Giovanni Ribisi in their roles.  I love the great cameos, especially a particular Doc last seen in a sci fi/western movie in 1990. 

Overall, I enjoyed the film and found myself laughing quite hard at several scenes.  The offensive and raunchy humor is not for everyone.  Seth McFarlane's acting skills are non existent in this film as he shows that he's better behind the camera then in front.  But thankfully, that doesn't take away from the enjoyment of the film.


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