Saturday, June 7, 2014

Obvious Child
Releases June 6th, 2014
1 hr 23 mins
Rated R
Comedy, Romance



Gillian Robespierre


Jenny Slate as Donna Stern
Jake Lacy as Max
Gaby Hoffmann as Nellie
David Cross as Sam
Gabe Liedman as Joey
Richard Kind as Jacob Stern
Polly Draper as Nancy Stern
Paul Briganti as Ryan
Cindy Cheung as Dr. Bernard

Stephen Singer as Gene

Review by Stephen M.

Abortion is always a heavy topic in our society with the supporters and those against it more or less equally divided.  Obvious Child shows the wit and humor of Director/Writer Gillian Robespierre in tackling abortion with the superbly talented Jenny Slate playing the lead of Donna Stern.  Her ability to laugh at the matter and at herself is what makes the movie shines.

Donna who works at a bookstore by day and does stand up comedy by night has the worst possible week.  Losing her boyfriend to another woman, finding out the bookstore she's worked for the last few years is closing down for good, things can only get better right?  As the movie shows, stand up comedians are not very good at what they do when they get dumped and then get drunk to hilarious effect.  Her reactions seem typical which only makes it more funny.  Things seem to turn around when she meets Max (Jake Lacy), until of course she finds out that she's pregnant from their first drunken encounter.  So as things hit rock bottom for her as she plans to have an abortion on Valentine's Day, the story is about her struggles with mostly herself, but also her family in the decisions that she makes.

To be honest, I didn't get a lot of the jokes she was performing as a stand up especially in the beginning.  I also had hoped for a different ending to the movie.  But in between the beginning and the end, you will enjoy this beautifully acted film and incredibly sharp witted lines that dares to be edgy on a sensitive topic.  The film was not what I was expecting but still enjoyable to watch.

Overall I would recommend the film though it may not be for everyone.  The film obviously speaks volumes about women's rights and empowerment given Donna's decisions.  Some of the lines may seem a bit insensitive especially when referring to the abortion and making jokes about "killing it."  Catch it as a matinee though or wait for it on Netflix and you won't be disappointed for a few chuckles.


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