Tuesday, June 24, 2014

They Came Together
Releases June 27, 2014
1 hr 23 mins
Not Rated


David Wain

Amy Poehler as Molly
Paul Rudd as Joel
Ed Helms as Eggbert
Michael Ian Black as Trevor
Jason Mantzoukas as Bob
Cobie Smulders as Tiffany
Christopher Meloni as Roland
Michael Shannon as Spike
Norah Jones as Herself
Ellie Kemper as Karen
Max Greenfield as Jake
Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Frank
Melanie Lynskey as Brenda
Michaela Watkins as Habermeyer
Jack McBrayer as Oliver
Kenan Thompson as Teddy
Ken Marino as Tommy
Bill Hader as Kyle
Noureen DeWulf as Melanie
Erinn Hayes as Valerie

Review by Stephen M.

They Came Together is a brilliantly funny film that pokes fun at itself, being that of a romantic comedy.  The setting is a pair of friends having dinner and discussing their relationships.  Amy Poehler as Molly and Paul Rudd as Joel talks about how they met each other to their friends.  Their story, as they say is like one of those romantic comedies, where Joel would be your typical leading man ("handsome but in a non threatening way) and Molly your typical leading woman ("cute clutzy girl that you can't help but fall in love with").  But of course there's just one more character... New York City...

As cheesy as that sounds, the movie is full of cliches like those that may have you throwing up, if it weren't for the way it presents itself.  It's not your typical romantic comedy, though it is, if that makes sense.  It doesn't take itself seriously and neither should you.  Like the part when Joel's coworker and best friend Bob (Jason Mantzoukas) falls through an office window hanging by the ledge and Joel is interrupted by his rival Trevor (Michael Ian Black) which conveniently makes Joel forget to retrieve Bob.  Yes it's silly but in a good way.  You get a lot of the literal jokes, and even slapstick type humor.  The humor does get a little bizarre at times though like the scene with Joel and his grandmother... Scenes like that have you just shaking your head no.

Amy and Paul are brilliant in their roles as is Christopher Meloni whom I know more for his serious roles such as Chris Keller in HBO's Oz.
His Halloween scene is among one of my favorite scenes in the movie of which there are plenty of good ones.  The way the filmmakers milk it with certain scenes such as Joel walking in the rain after a bad day or Joel and Molly breaking the fourth wall and then some by visiting the set of a musician performing a score for the movie is just part of what makes the film great.

Overall, I would highly recommend the film.  The cast is extremely talented and will have you laughing out loud.  The movie is not without your what the heck moments or lags.  But the jokes are at least not repetitive, unless you're talking about the scene with the repetitive joke at the bar.  Again, that's just the great humor about the film.  With the ending being a free for all, the story as the friends point out would make for a good movie and it does.


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