Monday, June 16, 2014

Article and photos by A. Lau

Special Edition: NYC is an introspective walk through life.  Capitalism is on full display, whereby the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center is a weekend gathering for comic book makers and takers.  Retailers, grading agencies, and merchandisers congregate at the opening section, offering a convenient and exhaustive last minute armory to dive deep into the trenches.  In its monstrous belly, writers and artists occupy booths to welcome zealous fans and their potential commissions.  Freelance artists then run the gamut, ranging between sexually objectifying women and cartooning mainstream characters to become kawaii, to make a quick profit.

Breaking the barrier between product and person, illusions may be reinforced or (more likely) shattered.  You may like his or her artwork, but he or she might be a mean or materialistic person.  Annie Wu and Nick Bradshaw are friendly and giving people; I got free sketches of Hawkeye and Rocket Raccoon from them.  (In hindsight, I have no idea why I did not ask for Galactus.)  Tony Daniel is down to Earth, sketching Black Panther for me because I am a Marvel guy, instead of forcing a Batman, which he is more known for doing.  On the other hand, others are unwilling to draw unless there is a down payment.  Chris Claremont calls for $5 per signature, earning a side income, while comic book shops bring cases of his work for him to sign, with an interest in a good profit should he leaves us.  Life is as wonderful as it is diverse.

Sunday is an energy level down a notch from Saturday.  After a morning bombardment of signature and sketch requests, writers and artists have time to mingle in the late afternoon.  Cosplayers are there as well, but they arrived later in the day and fewer did so than yesterday.  My favorites were the Black Cats – a Caucasian one with an adorable red Spidey cap and an Asian one with classy faux white fur highlights.  Enthusiasm queen goes to Wonder Woman and Batgirl.  Aquaman is a reoccurring loyalist.  And favorite tag-teams included Shredder Vs Splinter and Batman Vs Bane.  However, the ultimate team-up is actually Comic Con and New Yorkers.

The exhibitors, artist alley and panel room...

And the Sunday cosplayers...

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