Thursday, June 19, 2014

Wizard World is back in Philadelphia this weekend, beginning today lasting until Sunday.  One of the better deals as far as VIP passes compared to other conventions in my opinion besides being smaller than the one at the Jacob Javits in October.  With the majority of the VIP passes being around $200, you get to go on the floor first, usually an exclusive comic book, as well a photo op and an autograph with a celebrity.  This year I chose the Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan package, the dual will appear on Saturday and Sunday.

Unfortunately, that's true for most of the celebrities that carries a big name.  Most of the autograph booths were noticeably empty.  As usual with a Thursday con, the crowds are not as full.  Which is great depending on how you look at it.  Thankfully, there were still plenty of cosplayers.  As far as exhibitors I would have love to see more comic books exhibitors.   There were plenty of booths selling photos of guests that are appearing at the con, perhaps too many.  Some of the cool exhibitors include the Purge Breakout and Guardians of the Galaxy.  Be sure to visit the latter as well the various radio station booths for some cool free swag.  I love that there were a lot of kids at the convention even on a Thursday afternoon. 

Just some of the cool merchandise offered by the exhibitors and artists.


And the wonderful cosplayers...




And be sure to check out the Purge Breakout.  It's an escape game in the realm of The Purge: Anarchy.

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