Friday, June 20, 2014

Today, being the second day of WIzard World Philadelphia Comic Con 2014, there was a much livelier crowd.  It was a shopping day for myself as I helped a dear friend purchase some cute anime plush dolls.  Whenever possible, buy in quantities greater than one and negotiate!  There are some great deals to be had at this convention.  I also commissioned two sketches.  One by Neil King which you can see below.  I visited the Norton booth which I did not get to do yesterday because of long lines.  In the booth or tent, you can take a picture of yourself as an X-Men and tweet it for a free X-Men t-shirt.  You can also make your own Norton/X-Men commercial and access it online. On your way out, you get a free Norton/X-Men poster as well.

The autograph section was much more busier today as more media guests arrived. David Boreanaz had arguably the longest line today as far as media guests.  Tomorrow is the big day as you get stars like Whoopi Goldberg, Matt Smith and Anthony Mackie, just to name a few, attending.  When making your plans, make sure to check the schedules which you can find on Wizard World's website, so you don't miss out on who you are planning to see.

Despite being more crowded, the new event hall was more than adequate as far as spacing.  You never once feel like you were in danger of losing your personal space. Of course tomorrow's another story...

The freakishly talented artists...

Gaming? Dating? They have it!

I can't believe they killed you Herschel!

And as always one of my favorite things about attending a convention, the brave cosplayers...


Sorry I just had to post this... Is it just me, or is there more skin this year? 


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