Saturday, June 21, 2014

Today was the last day of Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con for me and it was all about Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan.  I had gotten their VIP pass which included autographs and the dual photo op.  Despite having the VIP pass, the lines were still long, as many passes of the dual were sold.  Though today is my last day, the con continues tomorrow.  The last day of the con often is the best shopping day as retailers do not want to necessary lug their inventory home.

As part of the Mackie and Stan VIP pass, I was able to sit within the first 15 rows of their panel in the late afternoon.  Though nothing shocking was revealed about possible roles or potential story line in Avengers 2: Age of Ultron or even Captain America 3, the audience had a blast.  This was mostly due to Anthony Mackie's overwhelming personality, as he often interrupts Sebastian and poke fun of his largely non-speaking role in Winter Soldier.  Some of the questions asked by the fans during the panel included:

1. How would you want your Marvel character to die? Anthony answered in an explosion, while Sebastian answered that his character would rip off his arm and beat himself to death.

2. Were they intimidated early on in their careers acting with movie legends?  Anthony had the more interesting story here, as he talked about how he worked with Morgan Freeman and Morgan beat him physically in the boxing scenes and not faking it.  Anthony hated Morgan for
this, but Morgan, after the filming was done, approached Anthony and thanked him and gave his person contact info and said if he ever needed anything to call him.

3. What Marvel or DC characters would they like to play if they had a chance to?  Sebastian refused to answer the question while Anthony replied that he would like to play Wonder Woman because of the spandex.

As far as the actual photo op, you can see the picture above.  The autograph session went well also, with Anthony's autograph session much more friendlier in that his reps or him personally will allow fans to take a quick picture with him at the autograph table.  Sebastian at the panel said he never hugged so many people so dearly in his life, not even with his family, as he did during his autograph session.

Thanks for checking out our coverage these last few days.  And now for the pictures!


Some of the other celebrities...

At the artist alley, my commissioned sketch cover and the legendary Marv Wolfman!


And of course the cosplayers!


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