Monday, July 7, 2014

And So it Goes

Releases July 18th, 2014
1 hr 34 mins
Rated PG-13


Director: Rob Reiner


Michael Douglas as Oren
Diane Keaton As Leah
Yaya DaCosta as Kennedy
Sterling Jerins as Sarah
Paloma Guzmán as Selena
Frances Sternhagen as Claire
Andy Karl as Ted Westburg
Frankie Valli as Club Owner
Mina Mirkhah as Paramedic
Barbara Vincent as Real Estate Agent
David Aaron Baker as David Shaw
Theo Stockman as Russell

Review by Stephen M.

And So it Goes is Rob Reiner's latest romantic comedy with Hollywood stalwarts Michael Douglas and Diane Keaton.  Michael Douglas is Oren, a real estate agent, looking for one last sale (his own home) before retiring, while Diane Keaton is Leah, a neighbor of his who sings at bars in the evening.  Oren is a grumpy old man that does what he wants, when he wants.  His life is altered when his estranged son heads to prison, leaving his daughter Sarah (Sterling Jerins) behind in the care of Oren.

Michael Douglas always excel in roles that you just love to hate, in which case Oren fits this profile quite beautifully.  Shooting at a dog with a paint gun, and hogging parking spots to prevent neighbors from parking in their regular spots are just a few reasons why you would never call Oren a friend.  And that's just okay with him.  His demeanor is quite the opposite to his neighbor Leah, which of course leads to conflicts at first, and second, and third... The two finds mutual ground as Leah helps Oren care for his granddaughter.  In return, Oren opens up and helps Leah with her singing career.  This helps bridge the gap between the two senior citizens and we see mutual affection develop.  Diane Keaton's character, as well as most of the other supporting characters, lack the depth to have you engrossed and care.  With Leah's supposedly most enduring attribute being breaking into tears during one of her singing acts.  Her character like most of the movie is just not funny.

The movie, I know, is not targeted towards me.  I enjoyed the humor of the little twin kids that imitates Oren at their mother's command.  Oren and Leah's friction and as well with him and his neighbors are good for a laugh or two.  The glimmer of light for this film however comes not from the two leads but another veteran actress in Frances Sternhagen who plays a fellow real estate agent, mentor to Oren.  You can say that she is about the closest thing he has, that you can call a friend.  The movie is scattered with glimpses of Oren's softer side but fails to move you in any meaningful way that makes Oren and Leah's relationship believable.

Overall, I would not recommend this film, especially to teens or young adults.  The film is clearly targeted towards a much older audience.  Rob Reiner fails to capture the magic of his past romantic comedies in gearing this to a mature crowd.  For a more hilarious, interesting film of senior citizens getting it on, watch Last Vegas instead.


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