Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Lucy (2014)
Releases July 25th, 2014
1 hr 29 mins
Rated R
Action/Adventure, Suspense/Thriller


Director: Luc Besson

Scarlett Johansson as Lucy, a drug mule who is injected with a drug that enhances her abilities.
Morgan Freeman as Professor Norman
Choi Min-sik as Kang
Amr Waked as a Pierre Del Rio
Pilou Asbaek as Richard
Mason Lee as Regent Hotel Concierge #2
Analeigh Tipton as Caroline
Frédéric Chau as Cabin Manager
Claire Tran as Flight Attendent
Jan Oliver Schroeder as French Mule
Paul Chan as Taipei Surgeon
Julian Rhind-Tutt as The Limey
Luca Angeletti as Italian Mule

Review by Stephen M.

While the filmmakers would like that you #SeeLucy, I would say wait for it to come out on Netflix or cable.  Even the beautiful and talented Scarlett Johansson could not save this convoluted mish mash of a sci-fi/action movie.  Director Luc Besson in trying to be creative, dilutes the action with his cross-over with National Geographic or any one of Morgan Freeman's narrative Disney nature films.

The premise itself is simple enough.  Lucy (Scarlett Johansson) gets caught up in a Korean drug smuggling ring in Taiwan and is forced to smuggle a new drug along with three other mules.  When the drug that is surgically put in her lower abdomen is leaked into her system, it begins to unlock her brain's utilization capacity which is normally about 10% for humans.  As it slowly increases towards 100%, her powers increase but her grip on what we know as humanity is diminished as well.

What is it exactly that I don't like about the film?  It's hard to pin down just one so here's a few things.  Normally when you have an action film in which a person is wronged, it becomes a revenge film.  This is not a revenge film though you do see a lot of action.  But like I said before, the use of videos of animals and other clips are interesting but used too frequently in this film.   It creates an uneven pacing especially in the beginning.  In the latter part of the movie you get characters that are not pivotal to the plot point.  Morgan Freeman's character Professor Norman, and even the French policeman Pierre (Amr Waked) are fairly useless characters to the plot.  Amr's character asks Lucy, why does she need him to which she replies to help her remember and kisses him.  However since there are no further build up or close contact between the two, this makes her answer kind of pointless.

Overall, I would skip it in the theaters and wait for it where you don't have to pay additional money for the film.  Despite the star power of Scarlett and Morgan, the film is not worth your time with the frustration of understanding or caring about the characters and the story.  Fans of the Japanese animation Akira will love the ending scenes of Lucy's transformation, reminiscence of Tetsuo's transformation.  But I would rather watch the animation Akira again for that, and re-watch Captain America Winter Soldier for my Scarlett fix then sitting through this film again.  Once is more than enough.


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