Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Releases on DVD July 29th, 2014; released in theaters June 13th, 2014
1 hr 57 mins
Rated R


Director: Andrew Levitas

Amy Adams as Emily
Garrett Hedlund as Jonathan Lowenstein
Jessica Brown Findlay as Karen Lowenstein
Terrence Howard as Doctor
Daniel Sunjata as 
Frances Shaw as Janice (as Frankie Shaw)
Jessica Barden as Meredith
Anne Archer as Rachel Lowenstein
Richard Jenkins as Robert Lowenstein
Jennifer Hudson as Nurse
Sterling Jerins as Young Karen

Sebastian Hedges Thomas as Shelby (as Sebastian Thomas)

Review by Danale H.

Lullaby is a drama about a family who is brought together during a devastating time, to witness their terminally ill husband and father, Robert (played by Richard Jenkins), be removed from life support after a 12 year battle with cancer.

Upon arriving at a hospital in Manhattan, New York, Jonathan (played by Garrett Hedlund) learns that his father wants to be taken off life support in less than 48 hours. During this short time, Jonathan and his family struggle to get over past issues, he unexpectedly meets a teen patient, Meredith (played by Jessica Barden) who is terminally ill with bone cancer, and he just so happens to chance upon the love of his life, Emily (played by Amy Adams). Robert attempts in every opportunity to help his family recover all that his disease has taken from them. A history of distressing emotions are played out as old conflicts arise and reconciliation begins, but in the end, Jonathan is able to reconnect and restore his relationships with his father, his mother Rachel (played by Anne Archer), and his sister Karen (played by Jessica Brown Findlay). This film takes us on an unforeseen and moving journey of forgiveness, love, and laughter.

Although it is a very touching film, I enjoyed the fact that it came across as very realistic in the pain, happiness, and the reality of having to go through such an ordeal of losing a loved one, at least from the family's point of view. In the film, the father requests an assisted suicide, is this the right decision? I don't think this movie will make you think too hard about this decision being right or wrong. The cast was great (and very believable), the visual quality and editing was great. The film looked as if it could be a movie theater presentation. There were a couple of things I did not like about the film however, such as the way Jennifer Hudson and Amy Adams was used in the film. It was as if they were just there to add something to the story, but i'm not really sure that was necessary. I also did not like that Jonathan just happened to find everyone he was looking for (i.e. the scene when he comes upon his sister preparing her presentation in a hospital area outside of where their father is being kept OR when he goes outside of the hospital and his ex girlfriend is sitting there -- it was as if he knew she would be there).

Overall, I liked the film, and think it is worth the watch. I give it a 4 out of 5. 


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