Monday, August 18, 2014

Adventure Planet

Releases on DVD August 26th, 2014; Released in Thailand on August 2, 2012 as Echo Planet
1 hr 21 mins
Rated PG
Animation, Family


Director: Kompin Kemgumnird


Drake Bell
Jane Lynch
Bailee Madison
Brooke Shields
J. K. Simmons
Tara Strong

Review by Stephen M.

Originally released in Thailand as Echo Planet, the animation makes its way to the United States on DVD as Adventure Planet.  The movie is centered on three kids trying to save the world from total destruction caused about by global warming.  The film was not directed by Al Gore, but by Kompin Kemgumnird, who has previously worked as an Animator on such films as Ice Age and Disney's Tarzan.  While my daughter, who is the targeted audience enjoyed the film, I found the story difficult to swallow especially if it's trying to be educational at the same time to the effects of global warming.

What my daughter particular enjoyed about it and what I enjoyed as well are the characters and humor in the film.  Norva and her little brother Jorpe from a remote village in Thailand isolated from the rest of the world gets an unexpected visitor, Samuel Johnson Jr, who is the son of President Johnson of the Capital States (think United States).  Jorpe has the ability to communicate with nature and animals and they're telling him bad things are in store for the near future.  He warns the other two that they must stop the fire beast from battling the snake.  Where does this fire beast come from?

So apparently, accumulated carbon in the atmosphere as a result of global warming has caused living organisms to mutate to biological unified carbon treat or as they say BUCT.  They can possess and absorb energy causing machines to come alive.  Got all that?  Some of the material in the film you can say is over simplified such as the final defeat of the fire beast while other explanations are just a bit too much for adults to comprehend let alone kids.

Overall, I would recommend watching it on Netflix or DVD rental for the kids.  The animation is superbly done, with separate animation styles for the beginning and ending credits from the main film.  The voice actors do a fantastic job in making the characters distinctive and lovable, especially Jorpe.  The only smudge for the film would be for adults that are watching it, may not love the approach the filmmakers take towards global warming.  Be sure to watch the animation while the end credits are rolling.  They're hilariously entertaining.


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