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Released 2012, releases on Blu-ray and DVD August 26th, 2014
1 hr 31 mins
Not Rated


Director: Peter Engert


C.J. Thomason as Hunter
Edward Furlong as Brad
Monica Keena as Elizabeth
Andre Royo as Rob
Christine Kelly as Angie
Ross Britz as Jonathan
Kennon Kepper as Satchel
Tody Bernard as Wendell
Bo Mitchell as Cowboys Hat's Son
Luis Da Silva Jr. as Russ
Randal Reeder as Cowboy Hat
William Baldwin as Shane (Voice)
Jonathan Camp as Military Doctor
Ted Ferguson as Dying Refugee
Ashley Nicole Hudson as Refugee

Jessie Rusu as Jennifer

Review by Stephen M.

Aftermath is a post nuclear apocalypse thriller that follows a band of survivors as they come together and hole up in a small cellar over a period of a month.  Brilliant performances by the actors and actresses is unfortunately overshadowed by a plodding plot as you wait for the things to go from bad to worst.  And it does, but not as quickly as you would like.  Comparisons can be made with The Walking Dead, in that it's a post apocalypse thriller that's character driven with less of a focus on the actual disaster.  Seeing more how humans react to their unfortunate and decaying society and what limits they would cross.

The main chararcters include Hunter (CJ Thompson), Brad (Edward Furlong), Elizabeth (Monica Keena) and Rob (Andre Royo).  The movie starts off with Hunter hiking on a deserted road with just a backpack listening to various news reports of deteriorating situations globally mirroring current geopolitical situations.  But things quickly go nuclear, and all of America is set ablaze.  Hunter, along with a child and his mother, finds shelter at a home with a cellar.   Eight quickly becomes nine as we have various stereotypes for the viewers to attach themselves to.

The problem with this type of film is the lack of background and character development of its characters.  We quickly get a sense of who's the hot head of the group and who's the leader.  But we don't get the before the end of the world origin story that helps us endure to the characters, especially the lead Hunter.  Hunter explains he is a doctor, but little else is given as to why he was in the middle of nowhere when things started to fall apart.

We get to see very little of what goes on aside from the cellar and an isolated town that Hunter and the mother and child passes through. The makeup looks great as the characters go through the effect of radiation poisoning from exposure to the fallout.  As with the lack of origins, I would have love to see more of how the outside world from their little bubble looked like.

Overall, I would recommend renting the movie if you're a fan of this genre.  The film is a bit slow at times, but does enough right to set you in the mood of despair as the Government is no longer there and you're on your own, slowly dying.  Yes it makes a poor date movie, but fans of The Walking Dead and video game Fallout franchise may like this film given the solid performances by the actors and actresses.


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