Thursday, August 28, 2014

Sin City: A Dame to Kill For
Released August 22nd, 2014
1 hr 42 mins
Rated R
Post Noir, Crime Thriller


Director: Robert Rodriguez & Frank Miller

Mickey Rourke as Marv
Jessica Alba as Nancy Callahan
Josh Brolin as Dwight McCarthy
Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Johnny
Rosario Dawson as Gail
Bruce Willis as John Hartigan
Eva Green as Ava Lord
Powers Boothe as Senator Roark
Dennis Haysbert as Manute
Ray Liotta as Joey
Christopher Meloni as Mort
Jeremy Piven as Bob
Christopher Lloyd as Kroenig
Jaime King as Goldie and Wendy
Juno Temple as Sally
Stacy Keach as Wallenquist
Marton Csokas as Damien Lord
Jude Ciccolella as Liebowitz
Jamie Chung as Miho
Julia Garner as Marcy
Lady Gaga as Bertha
Alexa Vega as Gilda
Crystal McCahill

Review by Stephen M.

There comes a time when you come across a film and wish you haven't wasted time watching it.  Sin City: A Dame to Kill For unfortunately fits this bill.  While I've never seen the first film or read the comic books, the movie does nothing for me.  Jumping from story to story, with each story as unfulfilling as the next one, every time the screen fades to black you're hoping the film has ended.

The movie is filled with a star studded cast that any Director would be envious of.  While the acting is great, from the likes of Jessica Alba as Nancy to Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Johnny, the story that they've signed on to act out is anything but great.   The only thing that keeps you awake is the stunning ladies including Eva Green and the occasional bone breaking or gunshot noise.  The action however is obviously comic-like, perhaps a bit too much.  For example the stunning Jaime Chung as Miho slicing up opponents look more like the app game Fruit Ninja.

The three stories intertwined somewhat and I guess watching the first one would have helped considering the numerous references to the past by the characters in the film.  Of the three stories I enjoyed Johnny's the most.  Watching him trying to triumph over Senator Roark (Powers Boothe) was the most interesting of the lot but broken up to pieces with a quite unsatisfying ending that made the story kind of pointless.  My least favorite would be a tie between the other two.  Eva's character is bad, and not in a wicked way, even though she apparently is.  While Nancy's transformation to Marvel's Typhoid Mary is downright bizarre given the short time frame with the character.

Overall, I really did not enjoy the film.  The movie starts off bizarrely with Marv (Mickey Rourke) incoherent and lost in his surroundings like the viewers and does not get any better.  Perhaps it would have been better to watch the first one first, but seeing what a mess the second one was, I am in no hurry to see the original.  The movie gets one star because it features Jessica Alba as Nancy dancing it up on the stage and another half because I enjoyed Johnny's story up to a point. Rating: 

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