Thursday, September 18, 2014

美少女戦士セーラーダッシュ (Sailor (Moon) Dash)
Publisher: M-Take
Genre: Action

While not an official game from Bandai, the fan made Sailor Dash, creates a side scrolling dash game with Sailor Moon and all the familiar graphics from the series albeit cuter.  Sailor Moon, in the game, is constantly running across the screen as you leap over obstacles and uses her tiara against enemies.

The entire game is in Japanese, but is pretty straight forward in game play.  I do not read Japanese, so the below is just based on trial and error.  In the start screen from left to right, you have Game, Tutorial, Downloads and Communicate.  As you can also see, the game is heavy in ads on every screen, which makes you wonder when Bandai plans to bring the hammer down on the app.  The Downloads (Green) button appears to let you download other games.  The Communicate (Blue) button brings up twitter for you to share about the game.

On the second screen after pressing Game, you have the Play button just below Sailor Moon.  There are the different symbols of the various scouts, but only Sailor Moon is playable.  Also indicated here are her health levels and amount of power.  Again, the game contain ads on every single screen.  When your character dies either by falling off a cliff or losing too much heart level, you're face with another pop up ad.

So here's a screenshot of the game in action.  Above, you have the health meter and power as well as distance traveled.  Below on the left is Jump, while the right button is to shoot.  The enemies are stationary making them easy targets usually with one shot taking down multiple enemies.  What's difficult about the game is the controls, particularly pertaining to the jumping.  One tap, gives you a jump, two taps, a double jump which is higher.  Along your way you collect stars and other power ups and refills.  For example you can get a Luna Ball to help you, as well a bevy of Tuxedo Mask's roses to rain down from above.  If you fill up your power meter you get a special attack as well.

The image above and below are from the game maker, which shows how the enemies look like and various stages.  It's kind of deceiving because you don't play the other scouts and the enemies do not move.  As you travel, the worlds and setting change slightly as you travel farther but the game play remains repetitive.

Overall, the game lacks enough depth to keep your interest.  There's not enough variety in the game or challenge other than control issues.  The game's greatest strengths are its graphics and music, but since they're basing it off of a popular license, you wonder when the game will be pulled as the game makers are sued for copyright infringement.  The rating is based on the version on Android played September 2014.  In the future, as they release more characters to play and more functions, I will review again.


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