Sunday, September 28, 2014

Chef releases on Blu-Ray+DVD combo pack along with Digital HD on
September 30th, 2014.  I had a chance to review the Blu-Ray+DVD combo
pack which I will talk about below based on the DVD.

The movie itself I had actually reviewed back in May of which can be found here:


As far as the features of the Blu-Ray and DVD, it includes Commentary from Director Jon Favreau along with Chef/Co Producer Ray Choi as well as deleted scenes.  Jon in the commentary audio takes the lead and goes over a lot of the scene and how it is set up and filmed.  Ray talks along with Jon especially on the scenes that involves food selection,
preparation, and cooking as Jon's consultant and teacher.  It's interesting to hear the changes that Ray makes as far as the scenes with food to make it more authentic, and even Jon's own vision into making the film as realistic as possible and his influences.  The final commentary is of course of Ray showing Jon how to make a Grilled Cheese during the Credits in which Ray didn't realize he was being filmed.  Jon talks about how they had a scene with Ray making a cameo but felt it was too forced and that this was better.

With regards to the deleted scenes, it includes:

  • Farmer's Market - Father and son discusses funnel cakes and who's the boss
  • Gauloises - Short scene between Carl and Molly
  • Amy Sedaris Outtakes - Jen on the phone with Carl, going on and on
  • Versailles Lullaby - Percy's grandfather singing a lullaby as he sleeps
  • Cuban Coffee - Percy trying Cuban coffee for the first time
  • Second Line - lively funeral marching through
  • First Fridays Setup - Chef Ray's cameo appearance and Jen stopping by the truck

Of the deleted scenes, I really like the Farmer's Market and the part with Jen in First Fridays Setup.  Amy Sedaris Outtakes was my least favorite, and unnecessary long.  Besides the above, there are also other trailers available of Universal films coming on out Blu-ray and
DVD.  The only thing missing that would have been great are recipes of the food from the movie.  If you're a fan of the movie, I would recommend purchasing it.

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