Monday, October 6, 2014

Gone Girl

Released October 3rd, 2014
2 hrs 25 mins
Rated R


Director: David Fincher


Ben Affleck as Nick Dunne
Rosamund Pike as Amy Elliott-Dunne
Neil Patrick Harris as Desi Collings
Tyler Perry as Tanner Bolt
Carrie Coon as Margo Dunne
Kim Dickens as Detective Rhonda Boney
Patrick Fugit as Officer Jim Gilpin
Casey Wilson as Noelle Hawthorne
Missi Pyle as Ellen Abbott
Sela Ward as Sharon Schieber
Emily Ratajkowski as Andie Hardy
Kathleen Rose Perkins as Shawna Kelly
Lisa Banes as Marybeth Elliott
David Clennon as Rand Elliott
Scoot McNairy as Tommy O'Hara
Boyd Holbrook and Lola Kirke as Jeff and Greta
Cyd Strittmatter as Maureen Dunne
Leonard Kelly-Young as Bill Dunne

Review by Stephen M.

Best film of the year?  Gone Girl is definitely in contention among the films I have seen this year.  Well acted with a plot full of twists that will keep you at the edge of your toes, Gone Girl is a must see film this Oscar season.  Rosamund Pike as Amy Elliott-Dunne, the "Gone Girl" is mesmerizing in her role.  If you have not read the book yet, watch the movie first.

One of the reasons why I enjoyed the movie so much, I believe is that I did not read the book.  Not knowing the twists in the movie, of which the movie has a few shocking ones, really draws the oohs and aahs from you.  From the individuals that I know have read the book, they enjoyed watching it as well with impressive performances by Rosamund, Ben Affleck (Nick Dunne), Tyler Perry (Tanner Bolt) and Carrie Coon (Margo Dunne) among the lead and main supporting characters.  Neil Patrick Harris's (Desi Collings) role while short is also bloody good.  The little things by Rosamund like the heel kick in the air is what makes this film great.

The movie, based off of the best selling book of the same name by Gillian Flynn, shows what a diabolical mind she has.  The plot is interesting in painting both parties in a negative light, one more so than the other.  As a guy, I can't help but feel sorry for Nick and am not a big fan of the ending.  The masterful storytelling, walking a tightrope by the filmmakers is amazing, with the use of flashbacks to masterfully let us know who did the crime.  Aside from the first fifteen minutes, the intensity is maintained throughout the film.

Overall, I would highly recommend this film.  The violence is not for everyone, especially the bloody scene towards the end.  The movie is a nice change from all the recent young female teen novels adapted to movies like Twilight, Hunger Games, Divergent and Fault in our Stars of late.  Can this be a start of a new trend?  David Fincher with Gone Girl and previously The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, shows he has a niche in these dark novels doing them justice each time.


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