Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Under Wraps
Releases on DVD October 14, 2014
45 mins
Rated PG


Director: Gordon Crum

Brooke Shields
Drake Bell
Matthew Lillard

Review by Danale H.

Halloween is nigh, and along with the onslaught of ghastly horror films come some adorably "scary" animation. So I was excited when I was given the opportunity to review this movie. This animation doesn't celebrate the spirit of the Halloween holiday, however, it could still be fun to watch around this time of year. And although this is not a typical Halloween animation, this is a great movie to start with if you are looking to kick the season off on a different note. 

The film opens with a young boy named Danny (played by Drake Bell) reading from a book, about an Egyptian king who was overthrown. While with his archeologist parents (Brooke Shields and Matthew Lillard) on an expedition, Danny sneaks into the tomb of an ancient Pharaoh's last resting place and finds a sacred amulet, which he takes home. When he accidentally breaks the amulet, it unleashes all sorts of chaos. Pretty soon, a frantic Danny and his sister Eleanor (Kazumi Evans) are living a nightmarish adventure after their parents are turned into mummies by means of the ancient curse. 

What I enjoyed most about this film is the portrayal of the characters. Each character was wonderfully played by the cast of voiceovers. Every talented voice really gave life to their character. For example, Danny was a typical mischievous and busy 12 year old boy, and Eleanor was the typical cellular phone obsessed teen girl. The most impressive, though for me, was the character of the evil assistant (played by Nick Wolfhard). I enjoyed watching him turn from the enthusiastic and concerned assistant into the villainous traitor. 

I give much credit to the artist(s) as I love the computer animation of this cartoon, very crisp, detailed, and lively. I am most impressed by the art surrounding the mummy and his tomb, it has a spooky yet approachable effect. To me, it is one of the best parts of the movie. 

Overall the movie is very light-hearted, but there are a few scenes which can cause viewers quite a scare. One scene in particular is the first time Danny and Eleanor cross paths with the ancient Pharaoh mummy. As I stated earlier, anyone expecting a stereotypical Halloween cartoon will be sadly disappointed.  However, I loved it! My children loved it as well, and I think you will love it, too. I recommend it 100 percent.


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