Saturday, October 11, 2014

Saturday is usually the busiest day of the convention and today did not disappoint.  First up was the lottery for Daredevil cast autographs at the Marvel booth.  Because they did not allowed people to line up prior to ten o'clock (because against security/fire marshal rules), it became absolute chaos when the time arrived.  With all the masses not in single file causing kids to be nearly trampled they decided to cancel the autograph lottery til later which turned out to be 20 minutes later.  Unfortunately, I did not win, so that freed up more of my afternoon to explore more.  And whoa, I finally found the Artist Alley!  So where they had the entire NYC Experience was filled up the Artist Alley at NYCC.  If you're looking for it, at the lower level, as soon as you come in go down one level head to your right and keep doing so.  

Tip of the day.  Someone asked me where can you get more free T-Shirts as swag besides the Chevy booth.  You can actually win a T-Shirt at the VIZ booth today (I know because I won one), and as well you can win one at Dave & Busters booth and the booth that sells Marvel energy drinks (Punisher & Daredevil).


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