Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Here are a few free screenings being offered on Eventbrite for the New York City area.

The Vixens
November 8, 2014 Sat 9 pm
Our feature film, a spoof of 70s exploitation movies, is finally ready to be shown in public, so catch it now before it's banned for gratutious nudity, obscene gestures and illegal use of coyprighted music!

House of Shadows (Controra)
November 18, 2014 Tue 7:30 pm
Screening of Italian supernatural thriller with Director Rossella De Venuto in person

Civil Servant
November 19, 2014 Wed 7:00 pm
Advance screening of web series hosted by creators and cast.

The Rebirth of Paris
December 13, 2014 Sat 6:00 pm
Documentary on the ballroom scene with Producer and Cast

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