Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Frozen in Time
Releases on DVD November 11th, 2014
46 mins
Not Rated
Animation, Family


Director: Alex Leung

Colin Murdock as Bob
Drake Bell as Brody
Mira Sorvino as Carol
Valin Shinyei as Eric
Alyssya Swales as Patty
Richard Newman as Santa
Ed Asner as Grandpa

Review by Stephen M.

Frozen in Time brings the fun of Groundhog Day with none of the aliens from Edge of Tomorrow, as two siblings relives Christmas eve over and over again.  While a bit short for a feature film at 46 minutes, it is just the right length to keep the attention span of kids with enough time to bring across a message fitting for the upcoming holidays.

The film is a bit on the predictable side.  Mischievous kids that learn it doesn't always have to be about them with instant gratification and pleasure.  The animation while not amazing is adequate.  The exception would be the sequence where Grandpa tells a story of an inventor tasked to building a magical clock in a land far away is visually stunning.  Ed Asner always does a phenomenal job in these voice acting roles.   The two kids, Eric (Valin Shinyei) and Patty (Alyssya Swales) both lack enough unique character in their personality to stand out on their own.

Overall, I would recommend the film if you can catch it on Netflix or for rental.  While entertaining especially for the targeted group of kids, overall, the film lacks originality, and features average animation and voice acting.  Children age nine and under will enjoy the film.  Parents may enjoy it but not at the full price of the DVD.


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