Saturday, November 22, 2014

The Three Dogateers
Releases on DVD & Digital Download November 18, 2014
1 hr 27 mins
Not Rated
Adventure, Kids & Family


Director: Jesse Bagel

Dean Cain as Matt
Bill Oberst Jr. as Barney Gloatt
Richard Riehle as Santa
Andrea Monier as Lisa
Rodney Kageyama as Mr. Hiroshi
Sabrina Gomez as Nurse
The Mighty Tigre as Arfamis
The Spicy Pepper as Barkos
They Tiny Dixy as Wagos
Jesse Baget as Arfamis (Voice)
Jesse Baget as Barkos (Voice)
Danielle Judovits as Wagos (Voice)

Review by Stephen M.

The film The Three Dogateers had my daughter laughing out loud as the three dogs get into trouble during the holiday season.  One the movie was an enjoyable hour and a half for my daughter it was sheer agony for me.  Despite the throwback comedy styling that reminds me of the inept Inspector Clouseau in the dog catcher or any one of Don Knotts's characters including Barney Fife there is not a whole lot of holiday spirits for me in this review.

The story as it implies focuses on three dogs that lives in the household of Matt (Dean Cain) a rather disastrous traveling tie salesman.  In a scene out of Home Alone, the dogs are left alone as Matt has to quickly meet a client out of town leaving the dogs alone and hungry so that he can get back in time to prepare the house for Christmas.  When thieves break in to Matt's home and steal everything, they unknowingly get three stowaways.  The story from here starts to take off as most of the first fifteen minutes are of Arfamis telling stories to the other two dogs.  And despite Arfamis's embellishments, dogs just don't have very interesting stories to tell.

The acting in the film though a bit over the top is just what is needed for a children's film of this nature.  The actors including Dean Cain and the dog catcher, played by Bill Oberst Jr. does a great job in this sense.  Bill Oberst Jr. as I have mentioned before will bring back memories of Don Knotts and Peter Sellers in their famous roles as clumsy law enforcers.  The voice actors for the dogs while good, because of the dialogue just annoys the heck out of me with the pointless ramblings especially of Arfamis.

Overall, I would recommend this for young kids, but for adults to stay away.  There are much better family holiday films from Home Alone to A Charlie Brown Christmas that is more enjoyable for the entire family to watch.  The movie while suffering in dialogue and repetitiveness has a few bright spots in the performances mentioned above and as well Santa Claus himself played by Richard Riehle.  Those few bright spots though are not enough for me to want to sit through another viewing of approximately one and a half hours of dogs talking.  My daughter however, would have probably given this five stars.


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