Monday, February 23, 2015

Releases on DVD/VOD February 24th, 2015
1 hr 41 mins
Not Rated


Jesse Baget
Adrián Cardona (Segment "Fist of Jesus" Segment "Brutal Relax")
Rafa Dengrá (Segment "Brutal Relax")
Luke Guidici (Segment "Certified")
Phil Haine (Segment "I am Lonely")
Cameron McCulloch (Segment "Home")
David Muñoz (Segment "Fist of Jesus" Segment "Brutal Relax")
Adam O'Brien (segment "Apocalypse Marathon")
Zachary Ramelan (Segment "Dead Rush")
Paul Shrimpton (Segment "Teleportal")
Vedran Marjanovic Wekster (Segment "How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse")
Tommy Woodard (segment "Dead Stop")

Noé Blancafort as Judas
Lauren Brady as Woman (segment "Dead Stop")
Jeff Newman as Man
Bill Oberst Jr. as Marvin Gloat
Zack Price as Ed
Trevor Snarr as Police Officer (segment "Dead Stop")
Marc Velasco as Jesus

Review by Stephen M.

Zombieworld consists of a series of shorts that are not related to each other aside from a news reporter that is supposedly cutting into each story.  The series of shorts won't remind you of The Walking Dead, unless it's a crossover between The Walking Dead and Monty Python's Spamalot.  A lot of the shorts are short on terror and long on puns and hokey costumes and scenarios.  But of course if the latter is your cup of tea than this movie is destine to be among one of your favorites as a cult classic.

The film includes shorts from all across the globe from a variety of talented Directors, Writers and Cast.  While it is interesting to see different interpretations of zombies from different countries, it would have been nice if there was some type of continuity between the stories and perhaps linking them all together in the end.  Among the stories my favorites would have to be the offbeat if not blasphemous "Fist of Jesus" and the clever "Certified."  The latter reminds me of the fun twist filled shows of the past like Amazing Stories and The Twilight Zone.  Superb acting by its cast especially of the little girl Alice played by Rebecca Spicher.

On the other side of the spectrum, while not necessarily horrible if you consider what the Director is trying to do is "Brutal Relax."  A cartoonish look at a man with anger issues taking on zombies that look more like aliens from a 1970s B movie then then what most would imagine as zombies today.  It is this outside of the box thinking that might attract some, but repulse others with the lighthearted but gory short film.

Overall, I enjoyed the film despite its low budget and incoherent mesh of short zombie films.  For those looking for a true zombie horror film, they would not find it here.  But for different perspectives mostly with a humorous tone than the film is for you.  Majority of the film has a dated look and feel to it but the acting in each and every film is quite good all things considering.  Not all of the short films are of the comedy type, but when they are surrounded by such goof ball peers, it is hard to consider the more serious ones like "I am Lonely" as such.


Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Rewrite
Releases February 13th, 2015 (Limited)
1 hr 47 mins
Not Rated
Comedy, Romance


Director: Marc Lawrence

Hugh Grant as Keith Michaels
Marisa Tomei as Holly Carpenter
Bella Heathcote as Karen
J.K. Simmons as Dr. Lerner
Allison Janney as Mary Weldon
Chris Elliott as Jim
Aja Naomi King as Rosa
Maggie Geha as Flo Bai
Olivia Luccardi as Chloe
Caroline Aaron as Ellen
Jason Antoon as Greg Nathan
Annie Q. as Sara Liu
Emily Morden as Andrea Stein-Rosen
Andrew Keenan-Bolger as Billy Frazier

Review by Stephen M.

The Rewrite is Hugh Grant's long overdue return to the romantic comedy genre showing that at age 54 he still commands a certain appeal in the right setting.  The setting here being rainy Binghamton as a washed up screenwriter turned college professor, Keith Michaels.  Reluctant in his new profession preferring to hit on the student body then teach, we see a transformation as he gets second chances in his life.

Hugh Grant's humor is spot on in this well written romantic comedy.  The dynamic between Hugh's character and various other characters such as Marisa Tomei's and Allison Janney's is what makes the film good.  The supporting cast from Bella Heathcote, to J.K. Simmons and Chris Elliott more than keeps up with Hugh in his outstanding performance with strong performances of their own.  

The story has few faults with many interesting characters and clever dialogue.  To nick pick, perhaps the film could be shorten a bit as it meanders a bit in parts.  As well, the ethics of what Grant's character is doing is beyond questionable though makes him more interesting.   His character's chauvinistic characteristics throughout the film starts to wane a little as his character grows, makes this film more men friendly with the portrayal of the student/teacher fantasy coming to life.

Overall, I would recommend this film which is perfect for the Valentine's Day season.  While it doesn't feature any bondage like the other Valentine's Day movie, this film's feel good redemption theme shows that a deeper plot more than makes up for selling "sex."  The slow build up in relationship for Hugh's character is a bit frustrating but makes it more realistic.  The ending is perfect with no need for a rewrite.


Friday, February 13, 2015

Kingsman: The Secret Service
Releases February 13th, 2015
2 hr 9 mins
Rated R
Action/Adventure, Comedy


Director: Matthew Vaughn

Colin Firth as Harry Hart, codename "Galahad"
Taron Egerton as Gary Unwin/Eggsy
Michael Caine as Chester King, codename "Arthur"
Samuel L. Jackson as Richmond Valentine
Sofia Boutella as Gazelle
Jack Davenport as Lancelot
Sophie Cookson as Roxy
Mark Strong as Merlin
Mark Hamill as Professor James Arnold
Samantha Womack as Michelle
Richard Brake as The Interrogator
Hanna Alström as Scandinavian Princess
Bjørn Floberg as Scandinavian PM
Elton John
Lady Gaga as herself
David Beckham

Review by Stephen M.

Kingsman: The Secret Service based on a comic book of the same name plays out as such on the big screen with a lot of action, witty dialogue and attitude.  The film reminded me of Spy Kids but with teens as young Garyn Unwin also known as Eggsy (Taron Egerton) joins the secret elite spy agency Kingsman.  A directionless delinquent that is far too bright to be wasting his life at bars or in jail, he is taken under the wings of a Kingsman, Galahad (Colin Firth).  Galahad makes Eggsy his apprentice due to Eggsy's father having once saved him and others in the agency.  Eggsy goes through training with other cadets where only one can become a Kingsman.  His training abruptly cut short as the agency and the world must deal with the filthy rich and quirky Richmond Valentine (Samuel L. Jackson) and his plan to save the world.

One of the things you will like most about the film is the action and the dialogue.  Especially the dialogue between Colin Firth and Samuel Jackson's character as they poke fun at each other and the genre that the movie they are in.  While Samuel Jackson's characters usually do not differ much from movie to movie and you can find similarities between Richmond and his character from Spike Lee's Oldboy.  However Richmond here, with his adverse reaction to blood and violence makes for amusing scenes added with the witty lines along with Samuel's personality and his great delivery makes for an instant memorable classic villain.  As far as action, the scenes with his bodyguard, appropriately named Gazelle (Sofia Boutella) is amazing as she slices and dices with those blades for legs.  

There is little to fault about the movie.  Perhaps a little predictable?  Perhaps a bit cartoonish especially when you have the colorful explosions in one scene?  These are just minor things compared to the action and humor you get that gels so well together with some great actors in Colin Firth and Michael Caine.  The action in the church scene is not for everyone given the amount of violence, but the choreography to pull that off is phenomenal and puts Colin up on the action star pedestal which you would normally not even consider him.

Overall, I highly recommend the film though it is not suitable for younger children given the violence.  Look out for celebrity cameos towards the end in such quite frantic scenes in which you may miss them.  With the accents, sometimes it is a bit hard to understand what the lead Taron Egerton and the local bullies are saying.  I would have like to see more romantic development between Eggsy and Roxy (Sophie Cookson) who is also another phenomenal character.  Hopefully this won't be the last of the Kingsman but a beginning of a film franchise.


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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Lego's Justice League vs Bizarro League
Releases February 10th, 2015 (Blu-Ray, DVD), January 28th, 2015 (VOD)
0 hr 44 mins
Not Rated


Director: Brandon Vietti

Deidrich Bader as Guy Gardner/Greenzarro
Troy Baker as Batman/Batzarro
John DiMaggio as Lex Luthor/Deathstroke
Tom Kenny as Penguin/Plastic Man
Phil Morris as Green Arrow/Hawkman
Nolan North as Superman/Bizarro
Khary Payton as Cyborg/Cyzarro
Kevin Michael Richardson as Captain Cold/Gorilla Grodd
James Arnold Taylor as The Flash/Desaad
Tony Todd as Darkseid
Kari Wahlgren as Wonder Woman/Bizarra
April Winchell as Giganta

Review by Stephen M.

Justice League vs Bizarro League is Lego's latest DC animated film featuring the super heroes.  It is always amazing to see one of their films as we see the toys come to life in a manner we only dream about when we play with them.  The animation in Justice League vs Bizarro is no different with stunning animation, witty dialogue and a decent story that will entertain adults and kids.

The movie starts off with us seeing Superman shipping off Bizarro to his own planet so that he doesn't cause destruction on Earth.  With his own "Metropolis" and citizens made of rocks, he fits in right at home.  But from there the story kinds of drifts a little as the animators try to shove in as many character sets as they can to sell to us in stores.  Things only pick up again as in this movie Batman has just joined the Justice League with his skepticism of Superman an underlying theme throughout the film.  When Bizarro returns to create a Justice League of his own, the humor level is taken up a notch, and the story finally takes shape as we get Apokolips's resident villain.

What you will love about the film is the humor between the characters and the way, like in The Lego Movie do the characters acknowledge that they and the environment they are in are made up of bricks.  The way Batman mutters about Superman to himself, to the recurring joke of Superman's twin Bizarro, the jokes are simple but still amusing.  You will also love the amount of characters that are featured in the film even if it is just a small cameo like Hawkman and Plastic Man is still pretty cool.  What I didn't like is the lack of contiguity with Bizarro's backward speak.  As well, porting over Teen Titans Go! version of Cyborg played by his voice actor Khary Payton, takes the character a step back in progress from The New 52 DC has been promoting.  It may appeal to the younger kids, but confusing for those that watched Throne of Atlantis and the other recent new 52 DC films.  Their choice of Guy Gardner as Green Lantern is a great one but again messes with those that are used to Hal Jordan in the new 52.

Overall, I would highly recommend the film especially if you have kids that love Lego and super heroes.  The film is highly entertaining and suitable for the entire family.  The DVD version which I was able to review contains load of bonuses like bloopers and a TV special that is approximately 23 minutes alone showing the first meeting between Lego Batman and Superman.  As well with the Blu-Ray version you get an exclusive Batzarro figure you won't be able to find anywhere else.  If you are wondering though if there are any after credit scenes, the answer is weirdly no.  Instead they chose to put it right before, showing Lex Luthor with a certain shape shifting alien.


Saturday, February 7, 2015

Releases February 6th, 2015 (Limited Release & VOD)
1 hr 24 mins
Not Rated
Romance, Comedy


Director: Luke Matheny

Matt LeBlanc as Charlie Darby
Ali Larter as Molly
Rachael Harris as Roberta
Chevy Chase as Lester Horn
Ashley Williams as Felicia
Kristen Johnston as Katherine
Carsen Warner as Timmy Clark
Adam Rodríguez as Jason
Brian Drolet as Josh
Jennifer Rhodes as Mary Kingston
Louise Griffiths as Jacinda
Scott Michael Morgan as Will
Elizabeth Ho as Tanya
Raymond Ochoa as Shane
Connie Sawyer as Nana Bebe
Tatyana Ranson as Student

Review by Stephen M.

Charlie Darby (Matt LeBlanc) ain't no Joey Tribbiani, with his lack of insteem in Lovesick.  When Charlie falls in love, he becomes clinically mad, and yes there is apparently such a thing.  When Charlie does so, he conjures all kinds of insane scenarios that has the other woman being unfaithful to him.  Like the time he thought one of his girlfriend was screwing the entire Blue Man Group.  Interesting premise, no?

Though the movie has great promise, the lack of chemistry and character from the main characters makes this an average predictable romantic comedy.  Charlie Day after all his dating failures and swearing being off forever in having a deep relationship, has such that in Molly (Ali Larter) a girl he meets at a bar.  They hit it off really well but as the green eye monster rear its ugly head again, his best friend Jason (Adam Rodriguez) is at a loss to help him.  Charlie stooping as low to abuse his powers as a Principal of an elementary school to get Molly's nephew Timmy (Carsen Warner) to spy on her for him. 

LeBlanc's interaction with Timmy are part of the few highlights of the film.  Ali Larter does a great job in her role but her character and Charlie's just doesn't have the endearment together of which the Director is trying to sell you.  Adding the great Chevy Chase as a porn loving neighbor that strolls in any time of the day with his "emergency" key is slightly amusing but such a waste of his talents.  As much as I would love to love this film, there's just not many laugh out loud moments for a comedy.

If you are a big Matt LeBlanc fan or even Chevy Chase, then it may be worth it for you to catch at least a matinee.  The film has its moments but far and few in between.  Stuck on and hoping for Joey, the now more mature Matt LeBlanc has shown that he unfortunately may be a one trick pony.  And despite the past success of Director Luke Matheny with his short film God of Love, Love Sick may not be his next award winning film that he was hoping for.


Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The Voices
Releases February 6th, 2015 (In Theaters and VOD)
1 hr 43 mins
Rated R
Horror, Comedy


Director: Marjane Satrapi

Ryan Reynolds as Jerry
Gemma Arterton as Fiona
Anna Kendrick as Lisa
Jacki Weaver as Dr. Warren

Review by Stephen M.

You know you have issues when you talk to your dog and cat and they talk back.  And if you don't, chances are, like the main character of The Voices, Jerry (Ryan Reynolds), you have a serious case of schizophrenia.  The Voices is a dark comedy about an average guy at the factory with a smile on his face by with deep turmoil simmering as a result of his childhood.  The turmoil manifests itself in the form of his evil cat and kindhearted dog, playing into animal stereotypes.

The movie starts off at a snail pace introducing us to Jerry and his place of work.  His chipper demeanor seems a bit too cheerful, and when he returns home to a condescending voice, we don't immediately see where it's coming from.  The story starts to pick up only when Jerry has an "accidental" stabbing of his colleague.  From there, to the talking pets, and his mind bending slap back to reality from medication do we see how truly warped he and the story really is.  

I haven't seen Ryan Reynolds in a film since the horrible Green Lantern, and it was difficult accepting him in the role of Jerry.  Taking into account the complexity of the character, Ryan does an admirable job but still doesn't quite fit in.  In contrast, Gemma Arterton as well as Anna Kendrick are great as the ladies in Jerry's life, whether they want to be or not.  Both ladies characters are such a contrast to each other fitting in well with what we are accustomed with in their other films.  What the film really does well is the dialogue especially in Jerry's self-analysis of himself in talking to his pets and his shrink.  The back and forth dialogue between himself and the diabolical cat is hilarious.  

Where the film falters is the slow pace in the beginning as I have mentioned before and the especially awkward musical scene during the end credits.  The musical number is incredibly left field and somewhat of an awkward fit into the ending.  Meant to be amusing and entertaining, it leaves you in bewilderment instead of the joy you get from the end musical credits of a Muppets movie.  Besides that, Ryan as I said before was adequate in his role though not entirely a good fit.  I would have also liked to see more dialogue between his pets as well, with more of a personality in the dog.

Overall, I would recommend the film especially if you're into dark comedies.  The unique perspective(s) of Jerry makes the film stand out from its genre.  Try to stay awake for the first 20 minutes and you'll be rewarded the rest of the film.  The humor amid the blood and body parts as well as the slow downward spiral of Jerry will have you laughing at the relatively grim predicament.  You'll never look at your cat the same way again.


Monday, February 2, 2015

Releases February 13, 2015 in select theaters and VOD
1 hr 40 mins
Not Rated


Director: Trevor Matthews 

Ali Cobrin as Kylie Atkins
Adam DiMarco as Ben Stanley
Slaine as Loverboy
Alyson Bath as Devon
Elysia Rotaru as Heather
Chasty Ballesteros as Janet
Alice Hunter as Kat
Wesley MacInnes as Alex
Erin Agostino as Liz
Nicole Fox as Mia
Zuleyka Silver as Anna
James Thomas as Gary Preston
Isaac Faulkner as Young Loverboy
Cameron Bicondova as Girl #1
Bailey Wall as Girl #2

Review by Stephen M.

When you think of Valentine's Day, Girlhouse may not the movie that comes to mind to watch that weekend.  Better suited for Halloween, Girlhouse brings together too popular American past times which is slasher films and porn sites.  Okay maybe just for a minority of people.  Despite not being rated however, there is little to see, even if the house is filmed for a porn site.  Despite props, some innuendos, and some cleavage, the ladies are quite modest given the theme, much to its detriment.

The movie centers on Kylie Atkins (Ali Cobrin) who's in need of funds to stay in college.  Enticed by the ultra secured Girlhouse with no pressure to do more than she is comfortable with, she quickly becomes a centerpiece of the site with her hometown girl looks.  This draws the site's loyal customer with the handle Loverboy (Slaine).  We get a little of his origins in the beginning of the film and he's got a lot of anger issues against the opposite sex, especially when faced with rejection and humiliation.  Ali Cobrin and Slaine, along with the rest of the cast, does an amazing job in their roles.  Each of their characters in themselves are believable.  I especially enjoy Ali's playfulness with the camera at the house, as well as her interaction with admirer Ben (Adam DiMarco).  As well, the intensity that Slaine portrays when confronted by an office lady for checking her out will give you the goosebumps.

Where the film falters is its loss of the element of surprise with Loverboy revealed from the beginning as the antagonist along with his origin.  In addition, while the film does not lack gore, the death scenes are unfortunately not as creative as one might hope from this type of film.  Everything about Loverboy and his motives are fairly straightforward.  What is questionable that also takes away from the credibility of the film is the acceptance of Ben by Kylie so easily after he reveals what he knows about her.

Overall, I would recommend the film, but would wait for it to pop up on Netflix or DVD rental.  The film has an incredibly interesting premise and fairly good actors, but fails to meet or exceed expectations in the actual story.  As one of the characters in the film says, "sex sells," which may be true to some extent.  And as this film shows, it can only take you so far.  Stick to the original Halloween film for a really good scare and Girlhouse, for a lazy Sunday afternoon rental.