Monday, February 2, 2015

Releases February 13, 2015 in select theaters and VOD
1 hr 40 mins
Not Rated


Director: Trevor Matthews 

Ali Cobrin as Kylie Atkins
Adam DiMarco as Ben Stanley
Slaine as Loverboy
Alyson Bath as Devon
Elysia Rotaru as Heather
Chasty Ballesteros as Janet
Alice Hunter as Kat
Wesley MacInnes as Alex
Erin Agostino as Liz
Nicole Fox as Mia
Zuleyka Silver as Anna
James Thomas as Gary Preston
Isaac Faulkner as Young Loverboy
Cameron Bicondova as Girl #1
Bailey Wall as Girl #2

Review by Stephen M.

When you think of Valentine's Day, Girlhouse may not the movie that comes to mind to watch that weekend.  Better suited for Halloween, Girlhouse brings together too popular American past times which is slasher films and porn sites.  Okay maybe just for a minority of people.  Despite not being rated however, there is little to see, even if the house is filmed for a porn site.  Despite props, some innuendos, and some cleavage, the ladies are quite modest given the theme, much to its detriment.

The movie centers on Kylie Atkins (Ali Cobrin) who's in need of funds to stay in college.  Enticed by the ultra secured Girlhouse with no pressure to do more than she is comfortable with, she quickly becomes a centerpiece of the site with her hometown girl looks.  This draws the site's loyal customer with the handle Loverboy (Slaine).  We get a little of his origins in the beginning of the film and he's got a lot of anger issues against the opposite sex, especially when faced with rejection and humiliation.  Ali Cobrin and Slaine, along with the rest of the cast, does an amazing job in their roles.  Each of their characters in themselves are believable.  I especially enjoy Ali's playfulness with the camera at the house, as well as her interaction with admirer Ben (Adam DiMarco).  As well, the intensity that Slaine portrays when confronted by an office lady for checking her out will give you the goosebumps.

Where the film falters is its loss of the element of surprise with Loverboy revealed from the beginning as the antagonist along with his origin.  In addition, while the film does not lack gore, the death scenes are unfortunately not as creative as one might hope from this type of film.  Everything about Loverboy and his motives are fairly straightforward.  What is questionable that also takes away from the credibility of the film is the acceptance of Ben by Kylie so easily after he reveals what he knows about her.

Overall, I would recommend the film, but would wait for it to pop up on Netflix or DVD rental.  The film has an incredibly interesting premise and fairly good actors, but fails to meet or exceed expectations in the actual story.  As one of the characters in the film says, "sex sells," which may be true to some extent.  And as this film shows, it can only take you so far.  Stick to the original Halloween film for a really good scare and Girlhouse, for a lazy Sunday afternoon rental.


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