Saturday, February 7, 2015

Releases February 6th, 2015 (Limited Release & VOD)
1 hr 24 mins
Not Rated
Romance, Comedy


Director: Luke Matheny

Matt LeBlanc as Charlie Darby
Ali Larter as Molly
Rachael Harris as Roberta
Chevy Chase as Lester Horn
Ashley Williams as Felicia
Kristen Johnston as Katherine
Carsen Warner as Timmy Clark
Adam Rodríguez as Jason
Brian Drolet as Josh
Jennifer Rhodes as Mary Kingston
Louise Griffiths as Jacinda
Scott Michael Morgan as Will
Elizabeth Ho as Tanya
Raymond Ochoa as Shane
Connie Sawyer as Nana Bebe
Tatyana Ranson as Student

Review by Stephen M.

Charlie Darby (Matt LeBlanc) ain't no Joey Tribbiani, with his lack of insteem in Lovesick.  When Charlie falls in love, he becomes clinically mad, and yes there is apparently such a thing.  When Charlie does so, he conjures all kinds of insane scenarios that has the other woman being unfaithful to him.  Like the time he thought one of his girlfriend was screwing the entire Blue Man Group.  Interesting premise, no?

Though the movie has great promise, the lack of chemistry and character from the main characters makes this an average predictable romantic comedy.  Charlie Day after all his dating failures and swearing being off forever in having a deep relationship, has such that in Molly (Ali Larter) a girl he meets at a bar.  They hit it off really well but as the green eye monster rear its ugly head again, his best friend Jason (Adam Rodriguez) is at a loss to help him.  Charlie stooping as low to abuse his powers as a Principal of an elementary school to get Molly's nephew Timmy (Carsen Warner) to spy on her for him. 

LeBlanc's interaction with Timmy are part of the few highlights of the film.  Ali Larter does a great job in her role but her character and Charlie's just doesn't have the endearment together of which the Director is trying to sell you.  Adding the great Chevy Chase as a porn loving neighbor that strolls in any time of the day with his "emergency" key is slightly amusing but such a waste of his talents.  As much as I would love to love this film, there's just not many laugh out loud moments for a comedy.

If you are a big Matt LeBlanc fan or even Chevy Chase, then it may be worth it for you to catch at least a matinee.  The film has its moments but far and few in between.  Stuck on and hoping for Joey, the now more mature Matt LeBlanc has shown that he unfortunately may be a one trick pony.  And despite the past success of Director Luke Matheny with his short film God of Love, Love Sick may not be his next award winning film that he was hoping for.


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