Monday, February 23, 2015

Releases on DVD/VOD February 24th, 2015
1 hr 41 mins
Not Rated


Jesse Baget
Adrián Cardona (Segment "Fist of Jesus" Segment "Brutal Relax")
Rafa Dengrá (Segment "Brutal Relax")
Luke Guidici (Segment "Certified")
Phil Haine (Segment "I am Lonely")
Cameron McCulloch (Segment "Home")
David Muñoz (Segment "Fist of Jesus" Segment "Brutal Relax")
Adam O'Brien (segment "Apocalypse Marathon")
Zachary Ramelan (Segment "Dead Rush")
Paul Shrimpton (Segment "Teleportal")
Vedran Marjanovic Wekster (Segment "How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse")
Tommy Woodard (segment "Dead Stop")

Noé Blancafort as Judas
Lauren Brady as Woman (segment "Dead Stop")
Jeff Newman as Man
Bill Oberst Jr. as Marvin Gloat
Zack Price as Ed
Trevor Snarr as Police Officer (segment "Dead Stop")
Marc Velasco as Jesus

Review by Stephen M.

Zombieworld consists of a series of shorts that are not related to each other aside from a news reporter that is supposedly cutting into each story.  The series of shorts won't remind you of The Walking Dead, unless it's a crossover between The Walking Dead and Monty Python's Spamalot.  A lot of the shorts are short on terror and long on puns and hokey costumes and scenarios.  But of course if the latter is your cup of tea than this movie is destine to be among one of your favorites as a cult classic.

The film includes shorts from all across the globe from a variety of talented Directors, Writers and Cast.  While it is interesting to see different interpretations of zombies from different countries, it would have been nice if there was some type of continuity between the stories and perhaps linking them all together in the end.  Among the stories my favorites would have to be the offbeat if not blasphemous "Fist of Jesus" and the clever "Certified."  The latter reminds me of the fun twist filled shows of the past like Amazing Stories and The Twilight Zone.  Superb acting by its cast especially of the little girl Alice played by Rebecca Spicher.

On the other side of the spectrum, while not necessarily horrible if you consider what the Director is trying to do is "Brutal Relax."  A cartoonish look at a man with anger issues taking on zombies that look more like aliens from a 1970s B movie then then what most would imagine as zombies today.  It is this outside of the box thinking that might attract some, but repulse others with the lighthearted but gory short film.

Overall, I enjoyed the film despite its low budget and incoherent mesh of short zombie films.  For those looking for a true zombie horror film, they would not find it here.  But for different perspectives mostly with a humorous tone than the film is for you.  Majority of the film has a dated look and feel to it but the acting in each and every film is quite good all things considering.  Not all of the short films are of the comedy type, but when they are surrounded by such goof ball peers, it is hard to consider the more serious ones like "I am Lonely" as such.


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