Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Cut! (2014)
Released January 14, 2014 (Theaters), February 25th, 2015 (DVD)
1 hr 44 mins
Rated R


Director: David Rountree
Writer: David Banks, David Rountree,

David Rountree as Travis Simon
David Banks as Lane Hayes
Sam Scarber as Harry Hawke
Dahlia Salem as Chloe Jo
Gabrielle Stone as Gabby
Suze Lanier-Bramlett as Susan Lanier
William McNamara as Bryan Wolff
Chris Moir as Jake Anderson
Allen Maldonado as Francis 'Jamal' Jefferson
Rosie Garcia as Christina Calderon
Mike Simon as Adam Phillips
Lauren Nash as Red
Kristin Vahl as Ginger
Kelley Day as Tanqueray

Review by Stephen M.

It has been awhile since I have enjoyed a thoroughly entertaining horror film with good scares.  Cut! fills that void with an innovative story and intriguing characters and twists.  The brainchild of David Rountree, he also directs and stars in the film as Travis Simon, who is, what else, but an inspiring Director.

Travis along with his friend Lane Hayes (David Banks) work at a film props company.  Unfortunately for them, the company is shutting down in a few weeks, making them dream of something bigger and better.  That comes in the form of a horror film Travis is working on, hoping to bring real scares that Lane believes only he can deliver.  You see, Lane is not your typical friend, coworker or every day person.  He has a criminal record, abuses drugs, frequents and beats on prostitutes.  And did I mention that he is a sociopath?

From the onset, Lane's character rubs you the wrong way.  He would be what you would consider the perfect villain.  But that would be too easy won't it?  The filmmakers does a masterful job of constant misdirection with subtle clues that only reveals itself near the end.  David Rountree and David Banks are brilliant in their roles along with the supporting cast.  The deaths are not particularly original but the circumstances that leads to the death of characters is quite thrilling and suspenseful.

Overall, I would recommend the film which is out on DVD at this time.  The beginning is a bit slow at first as it builds up the main characters.  And some parts may not really make all that much sense until the end.  And is the story very believable?  Not really, but that's okay, after all it is just a movie (of a movie).


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