Friday, March 27, 2015

Get Hard
Releases March 27th, 2015
1 hr 39 mins
Rated R


Director: Etan Cohen
Writers: Jay Martel, Ian Roberts, Etan Cohen

Will Ferrell as James King
Kevin Hart as Darnell Lewis
Alison Brie as Alissa
Edwina Findley as Rita Lewis
Craig T. Nelson as Martin Barrow
T.I. as Russell
Ariana Neal as Makayla
Dan Bakkedahl as Rick
Gary Owen
Jay Pharoah
Ron Funches as Jojo
Jon Mayer as Himself

Review by Stephen M.

Get Hard is Will Farrell's latest attempt to make you laugh out loud.  He plays filthy rich stockbroker James King, who is heading to the big house in 30 days for fraud.  Not wanting to be someone's little b*tch in maximum prison he enlists Darnell Lewis (Kevin Hart) who owns a car wash operation running out of the garage of James's workplace's sub-level.  The movie plays into all kinds of stereotypes, making this film racist only if you don't have a sense of humor.

Kevin Hart continues to be on a roll, making him one of the more bankable comedians out there to partner up with for a movie.  While there are many similarities to his other roles, his consistency and comedic timing and delivery continues to be spot on making this iteration as funny as the last.  Will Farrell has moments of brightness in this otherwise unbelievable plot.  His performance as well very typical of his previous roles of playing a buffoon actually wears us a bit more thinly.  The funniest moment for me is when he tries to enjoy Darnell's cousin Russell (T.I.)'s gang.  The two that shines the most in the film for me are Alison Brie as Jamie's fiancée and Craig T. Nelson as the father-in-law to be and boss.

The two biggest problems with the movie are that the plot is incredibly ridiculous, and it shares too many similarities to other movies.  Jamie King's character ignorance of the street life as a Wall Street big shot is not that atypical.  However, his highly touted gift of making money in the financial markets alludes to some sort of higher intelligence.  In regards to similarities to other films, you only need to go back one on Kevin Hart's filmography in bringing up Wedding Ringer.  Kevin Hart in that plays a guy helping out a white guy enlisting the aid of his motley crew of friends and helps to foil some shenanigans in the end.  Does that describe Wedding Ringer or Get Hard?  Yes, both!

Overall I would recommend this film as a matinee.  The film is not horrible but it is really nothing you really have not seen before.  You will get a couple of really good laughs, especially if you are a fan of either comedian.  But if you are expecting something great, then you might come out a bit disappointed.  One thing that was interesting is the lack of dialogue humor into regards to the two stars' drastic height difference.  We see a couple of physical jokes such as Will bench pressing and throwing Kevin, but no verbal insults as to his height.  As well the ending was a bit awkward.  If it had ended with the twerking in jail, that would have been the perfect ending.


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