Saturday, May 16, 2015

Galaxy Comics Inc
6823 5th Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11220
(718) 921-1236

Visited Galaxy Comics for the first time today.  Located on 5th Ave in Brooklyn, they actually have two shops in Brooklyn, the other being in Park Slopes.  The cashier told me he took over from the previous owner back in 2004.   Interestingly 1/4 of the shop is taken up by drinks and snacks and Pop Vinyl figures.  New comics in the center shelfs and graphic novels against one wall and action figures against the other.  They also carry trading cards where the cashier is.

While their selection of new comics, and back issues were unimpressive, they do have a large inventory of action figures and graphic novels.  They had some manga but not a very large selection.  Their prices are fairly standard with no signs indicating of any frequent buyer discounts.  They did have a shelf of 50% off graphic novels, mostly older novels but contains some pretty good reading like Marvel's Exiles.

I did pick up a 100 pack of magazine bags, that were $5.00 even, which would have costed me $8.99 + tax at the larger comic book store in Manhattan.  I will be checking out the store again when I have a chance and you should too.  Especially if you're into action figures and fair priced comic supplies.  The comic shop is 1 block east of the R train station Bay Ridge Avenue and adjacent to a movie theater that offers $10.00 admission for all movies even 3D.

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