Thursday, June 18, 2015

Death Head #1
Scheduled to ship July 15th, 2015
Created and Written by Zack Keller and Nick Keller
Art by Joanna Estep
Coloring by Kelly Fitzpatrick
Design by David Nestelle
Edited by Jim Gibbons

Review by The Secret Screener

"A man haunted. A family hunted.When a ancient killer emerges from legend, there is no escape but death." 

  First thing first if you dig a horror-esque creepy story, you just hit pay dirt. A husband and wife go into the woods for a "baby honeymoon" (a trip for them to enjoy their marriage before the baby is born) and stumble across a town but not everything is as it seems. Meanwhile a young boy is shoved into a sewer alone by bullies, and a young girl in catholic school is coming to terms with her being into girls and experimenting with drugs and alcohol. The one constant in all three tales is the "mysterious man". 

I personally enjoyed what i read, Its a great starting point for a creepy horror/thriller and seems like the beginning of most horror films. It looks visually amazing and the writing is top notch and (I don't want to talk out of my neck) but could even be Eisner or Harvey award winning. 

If you are a big fan of horror or creepy stories pick this up, it was good. If you aren't a fan of the genre then give it a shot. It could surprise you in to something you might love. 

Now let me state my one pet peeve about the story so far, It took me a minute to figure out that THERE WERE THREE SEPARATE STORIES GOING ON AT THE SAME TIME. The writers could have easily used classic comic troupes like a little box stating "Meanwhile....." to explain that it was a separate story happening at the same time instead of just throwing us in to a new scene and no explanation whatsoever.  

Besides that I loved it, I highly suggest picking it up if you are in to the genre or just a fan of good writing and storytelling. 

 I have to rate this 3 out 5 stars. Great beginning, lets hope the rest of the series can keep up the suspense in issue one. 


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