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Ninjak Volume 3 #4
Released June 24th 2015 (Available now)
Written by Matt Kindt
Art by Juan Jose' Ryp w/ Clay Mann & Seth Mann, Marguerite Sauvage (22 page main story), and Butch Guice w/ Brian Thies (8 page Back Up story) 
Color Art by Ulises Arreola 
Lettered by Dave Sharpe
Edited by Warren Simons
Covers by Jelena Kevic Djurdjevic (Regular cover), Dave Johnson (Variant cover), Rafa Sandoval (25th Anniversary cover), Raul Allen (Variant cover), Marguerite Sauvage (Variant cover)

Review by The Secret Screener

Disclaimer there are characters that you will not know if you don't know anything about the Valiant universe. 

Are you a fan of spy stories? Than Ninjak is your cup of tea. It stars Collin King, wealthy son of privilege as Ninjak, spy and mercenary for hire. Since I read this issue not having read the 3 previous, I'm going to tell you what the "Previously in Ninjak" section says: "British Espionage organization MI-6 tsked Colin with infiltrating and destroying "Weaponeer", a criminal empire that designs weapons for the highest most illicit bidders. Disguised as businessman Henry Collins, Ninjak ingratiated himself to the group's imposing leader, Kannon. He also met Kannon's right-hand woman, Roku, an assassin so feared that skilled warriors have taken their own lives rather than face her razor-sharp locks of hair and her deadly skills.  Unbeknownst to Collin, Roku knows there's a spy in Kannon's midst and the two expose "Henry Collins" as Ninjak. It's out in the open - Weaponeer knows who he is, Kannon Knows who he is. Roku knows who he is.   ...but who is Roku?"

Basically the issue starts at the point where they have Ninjak cornered and from there it goes in to a flashback of Roku remembering how she became the super powered assassin she is. It's a interesting story that at times feels kinda misogynistic. But shows a woman will do anything and everything she can to survive when intimidating obstacles are in her way. If you love female leads in either television shows like "Alias", "Dollhouse", or shows similar than you'll love this issue. It's just a part of the first story arc of the series, but if this issue is an example of how great the rest of story is, sign me up. It shows how great Matt Kindt's writing is and the art team for the book makes the story better than other espionage stories I've read. And the back up story is intriguing but I honestly couldn't make heads or tails about it. It was a story about 3 guys finding a meditating monk and feeling the need to build him shelter. I'm guessing it will lead to more in future issues but for a new reader I was just left going "Huh?". 

Pet peeves about the book for me is, why do they need 5 different covers for a comic? One would have been sufficient and maybe one variant for collectors, but 5? Besides that the only other issue I have is the feeling of wanting to kick myself in the butt for sleeping on this series. It's amazing from what I've read, and I definitely strongly recommend you go today and go buy this book. It was a great read and looks to be a series to follow if you love the genre. 

Spoilers *********************************

The man who burns the monk's ears off is "Master Darque" a long time villian in the Valiant universe since the original Valiant books in the 90's.

Spoilers over *******************************

Out of 5 stars I give this book a solid 4 stars, a great read and a great series from my reaction to this issue. 


The Secret Screener

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