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Rexodus #1
Releases June 24, 2015
Price: 12.99
Based on a original concept by Eric Lee and Paul Wizikowski
Story by Kevin Anderson, James Farr, Eric Lee, Mark Steele, and Paul Wizikowski
Script by James Farr
Pencils by John Sommariva
Inks by Serge Lapointe, Kevin Patag, and Sean Parsons
Coloring by Camila Fortuna, Dustin Evans, and John Rauch
Lettering by Anna Film and Justin Yang 

Review by The Secret Screener

Are you a fan of Science fiction, star ships, dinosaurs, and life or death peril? Then Dark Horse comics has just the book for you. 

***Warning tons of spoilers ahead, If you want to go in to it fresh don't read below, if yes, then highlight the text to read***

64.9 billion years ago a race of dinosaur-like people called the "Disaurians" had to flee their planet due to "The Shadow" also known as "The Black Blood" a black sentient goop that can talk and take over people's and Disaurians' bodies. While the Disaurians are escaping the planet we now know as Earth, Master K'vark is told "The Black Blood" has grabbed the clamps for one of the ships and there is no way to take off. Master K'vark orders his son Kelvin on to the ship and makes a last stand against "The Black Blood" and saves his people. His son seeing his father die tries to use a escape pod to go back and save his father right when the ship's pilot turn the hibernation system on and he crashes. 

We then flash to present day and meet Amber Elizabeth Dixon a 16 year old girl that has been dragged along by her father Professor Dixon to a dig site run by "Sauroco" and their C.E.O. Mr. Krohn. Sauroco and Krohn are illegally drilling for oil and come across K'vark's skeletal remains. They bring in Dr. Dixon to make it an archaeological site and to make it so they don't get fined or in trouble for illegally drilling for oil. What everyone quickly realizes is that they woke up "The Black Blood" and Kelvin. From there everything gets crazy and then we meet other Disaurians. 

If what you read above seems to wet your pallet and you want to finish the story pick up the book. It's a great book for ages 8 and up, the artwork reminds me of early Joe Madureira's art work and it is a fun read. It felt like a action/ adventure romp with everything and the kitchen sink thrown in. 

Having said all that, what I received to review was the complete first story arc, and it was a fun romp. But at times I felt too old for what I was reading. It had a lot of plot devices we've seen before like children watching their parents die (like Bambi and other Disney animated films), the group of others who don't trust the new person because they are new, and the scheming assistant to a ruler that is trying to hide something by their actions.  

***Spoilers over***

Parents, if you want to find a book you and your kids could read together this is it. If you are a big kid at heart and love comics this would be up your alley. If you are a spaceship / star wars fan this is for you. I see that it was a good story but at my age I felt I was too old for the material. This series would be a great "Young Adult" read and something that parents and guardians didn't have to worry about their kids getting the wrong message from. 

All in all I rate this 3 out of 5 stars for kids which I believe is the targeted audience and 1 out 5 for adults.  It's not something I'm going to tell you to rush out and buy, but if you ever take your kids to a comic shop and they pick it up I won't dissuade you from buying it for them. Perfect gift for a kid that's in to Dinosaurs, Star Wars, and Disney movies.  


The Secret Screener

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