Thursday, June 11, 2015

The Tomorrows #1
Scheduled to ship July 8th, 2015
Written by Curt Pires
Drawn by Jason Copland
Coloring by Adam Metcalfe
Design by Dylan Todd
Edited by Dave Marshall

Review by The Secret Screener

If you're a fan of "Blade Runner" or "Spider-Man 2099" you'll love this book. It's a story of a group of resistance fighters/terrorists fighting to overthrow a corporation that runs society, that's run by a 33 year old man who has immediate gratification issues. Your guide to this story is Zoey Holloway, a 25 year old woman that has lost her significant other recently. She is attacked in her apartment and is rescued by one of "The Tomorrows", from there you get to learn more about the team and see them in action. It a great start to an intriguing concept. 

Warning spoilers ahead, if you don't want to know anymore before buying it stop here and give it a shot. 

The art is clear yet has the sense of grittiness that only a Blade Runner society could have. It's written superbly by Curt Pires and shows tons of promise to be a great series. If the concept is in your ball park as a fan you'll swoon over the series. If you feel like you've been in a constant rut of event books from the "big two" give it a shot. The first issue for me was really good and shows tons of promise. Its also a great one and done first issue where you get a complete story with promises of more to come. I know I'll be picking this up for a while to see what happens next. Being a long time collector myself it made me think of "Dead Enders" at times and made me want to see what would happen as I turned the pages. 

That's what I liked, Now here's where we start dissecting things to give you a "Fair and Balanced" review. At times it felt like the writer was trying too hard with some of the characters. The constant pop culture references like mentioning a character looked like Janelle Monáe, a talking computer called "Warhol", another character referring to themselves as "David Bowie Toshiro Mifune" then half way through revealing their name is just "Claudius" like Madonna or Cher was kinda lame. 

 All in all not a terrible read but not an "oh my God, you need to buy this before anything else" read either. A good book where if you recently ended a series or a mini series a good solid book you can put in to your pull list. Hopefully it will get better and better with each issue. 

Out of 5 Stars I give this a solid 2. It looks like it could get better after the team works out at least one or two multi-part stories and this is definitely a great concept for a TV series or feature film. I say give it a try. 


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