Friday, June 5, 2015

Releases June 3rd, 2015
1 hr 44 mins
Rated R


Director: Doug Ellin
Writer: Doug Ellin

Kevin Connolly as Eric Murphy
Adrian Grenier as Vincent Chase
Kevin Dillon as Johnny "Drama" Chase
Jerry Ferrara as Turtle
Jeremy Piven as Ari Gold
Perrey Reeves as Melissa Gold
Rex Lee as Lloyd Lee
Debi Mazar as Shauna Roberts
Constance Zimmer as Dana Gordon
Billy Bob Thornton as Larsen McCredle
Haley Joel Osment as Travis McCredle
Emmanuelle Chriqui as Sloan McQuewick
Scott Mescudi as Allen, Ari's assistant
Rhys Coiro as Billy Walsh
Nora Dunn as Dr. Marcus
Alan Dale as John Ellis
Martin Landau as Bob Ryan
Piers Morgan as himself
Ronda Rousey as herself
Mark Wahlberg as himself
Emily Ratajkowski as herself

Review by Stephen M.

I have never seen an episode of Entourage before and watching the film doesn't really encourage me to do so.  The buddy comedy that follows the show immediately after it ended on HBO has the star Vincent Chase (Adrian Grenier) acting and directing for the first time for a movie studio now headed by his former agent Ari Gold (Jeremy Piven).  The film is not necessarily horrible if you are in the targeted male group, but long pointless scenes make the film one to skip unless you are a fan of the series.

Kevin Dillon as Johnny "Drama" Chase, who is Vince's older brother and also an actor stands out from the group as the eldest and perhaps the most strangest of the four.  Kevin plays the character brilliantly, showing that you can over act and still look good.  While the other three all have their unique charms and interesting side stories, it's the Drama that gets the most laughs in the film in part to the dialogue but also the talent of Kevin.  

In these types of films where a celebrity is lurking around every corner, it's fun to see who will pop up next.  There's no shortage on Entourage from B celebrities like Andrew Dice Clay to A list musicians like Pharrell.  Most of the celebrities play themselves, and then you have Billy Bob Thornton.  Besides Kevin Dillon, Billy Bob Thornton as Larsen McCredle, Vince Chase's movie's financier puts out a good performance despite his limited role.

While there are a few things to like there are just many more reasons to hate the movie.  You can say that the movie is pretty pointless and just a vehicle for male chauvinistic behavior and you would not be far off.  Of course some people enjoy that type of thing which is why Entourage ran for as long as it did on HBO.  From the themes and dialogue in the movie it is absolutely not for everyone.  Seeing the normally family friendly Jessica Alba (as herself) tells Ari Gold off is just not what you would expect out of her character.  You have the sex and drugs along with the unrealistic imagery of everybody is a model in Hollywood.  Clearly this is a movie and things are fictionalize to what people want to see.  

I would only recommend the film if you are fans of the series which I hear it follows closely as far as theme and feel.  For everyone else, there are better buddy movies around as far as humor with better pacing than this film.  The film is not without its laughs but not enough to save the film at least for non-viewers of Entourage.  Relying heavily on eye candy and star power to bolster the film only help so much.  However if you do decide to see the film be sure to stay for the mid credit scene of Ari's former assistant's wedding celebration.


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