Saturday, June 20, 2015

Party Time Party Time
Released Date: Not available (Currently being shown on the film festival circuit)
1 hour 37 minutes
Not Rated


Director: Morgan Lord & Marty Schousboe
Writer: Morgan Lord & Marty Schousboe

Marty Schousboe as Coney
Morgan Lord as Lady
Susie Gutowski as Candy
Danny Groh as Brian
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Review by The Secret Screener

Synopsis: "In this absurd ensemble comedy, Coney's having a bad day. His wife just asked him to move out, he's fat, and his friends are dragging him to a party in hopes of recapturing the optimism of their youth. Unfortunately the rest of the party is just as sad as he is." That's what Really Really Nice Productions and Sweet Leafs Movies want you to know and describe the movie as. 

If you like films like "Wet Hot American Summer" or "Napoleon Dynamite" you'll definitely love this film. For the rest of us that are big comedy fans give it a shot, you could be surprisingly entertained. I know I was. It featured improv comedians from the Chicago improv comedy scene and was a refreshing break from every other comedy out there.

***** Warning Spoilers in the next paragraph.  Highlight the text to view. *****

Coney played by co-writer and co-director Marty Schousboe seems to be having the worst day in the world, He just got told by his wife to move out and they are getting divorced.  He has to crash at his friend's, Lady and Candy's apartment because he has nowhere else to go, and he's fat. Lady, Candy, and Brian drag Coney to a house party where they all think it will cheer him up, but almost everyone at the party has just as depressing problems as what he's going through. One couple keeps conceiving and losing the babies during pregnancy, one character breaks up with her boyfriend to become a man and wants to have sex with anything that moves, one character lost the promotion she was hoping for, etc. In a nutshell everyone is in a bad way and Coney is just there trying not to snap after getting dumped. 

*********Spoilers Over *******************

It's a dry darkish comedy, not too much gross out humor, a ton of cursing, and some zany events happening. Basically a House Party film on crack. I enjoyed it a lot but I came in to it not expecting a lot. It made me laugh and not want to check my watch for the 97 minutes it was playing. 

If you can, go see it on the film festival circuit, or when it's released, or you can watch it when it's released on Video on Demand or Netflix. It was good nice break from the moronically dumb comedies the major studios are releasing and a great first film by Morgan Lord & Marty Schousboe. It kind of reminded me of Kevin Smith's Clerks in the way it was put together and shot. Also for those of you that are into movie financing and behind the scenes stuff, the film was originally paid for on Morgan and Marty's credit cards. After they had some scenes shot and edited, they went to Kickstarter and crowd funded the rest of the budget. 

While you are watching it you'll notice a lot of familiar faces if you are a comedy nerd like me.  Also if you want to know even more before you see it go to And go through the site. All in all, good film, I give it 2 stars and suggest if you have free time whenever, watch it. 


See you all at the movies,
-The Secret Screener

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