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Book of Death #1
Released July 15, 2015
Written by Robert Venditti
Art by Robert Gill with Doug Braithwaite
Color Art by David Baron with Brian Reber
Lettered by Dave Lanphear
Design by Dylan Todd
Associate Editor Kyle Andrews
Edited by Warren Simons
Covers by Robert Gill (Standard cover A), Cary Nord (Variant Cover B), Clayton Crain (Variant Cover C), Jelena Kevic-Djurdjevic (Variant Cover D), Blank Sketch Cover (Variant Cover E), Paolo Rivera (Incentive Character Design Variant Cover F), Pere Perez (Incentive Valiant Icons Variant Cover G), Paolo Rivera (Incentive Artist Variant Cover H), And (there are retailer shared exclusive covers also by Scot Eaton with Ulises Passalaqua, Robert Gill with David Baron, Rafa Sandoval, Juan Jose Ryp with Peter Pantazis,Ryan Lee with Allen Passalaqua, Cafu, Jason Strutz, Zach Dolan with Laurie Foster,Stephen Secovia with Ulises Passalaqua, Meghan Hetrick) (18 covers total)

Reviewed by The Secret Screener

(Disclaimer the views and opinions posted in this review are that or "The Secret Screener's" and not of anyone affiliated with Geekwithmak)

The basic story if you have been following other valiant books is Tama, an eleven year old Geomancer (A being that control all life and the earth itself) from the future has come to present time and Gilead, The Eternal Warrior (a being thousands of years old and skilled in all forms of combat, his mission is to protect every Geomancer that comes in to existence) has taken her from a government installation and is trying to keep her safe from an unknown threat, while the rest of the world thinks she's the threat. Meanwhile she has "The Book Of Death" (that only geomancers can read and foretells the future) and while they are on the run and in hiding they are trying to find clues and answers as to what they are up against.

Its a run for your lives while trying to save the world story. It shows you glimpses of a future that may or may not happen according to my sources at Valiant. If you aren't familiar with the universe or the cast of characters they have a little synopsis inside the front cover to get you up to speed and character description when each character shows up in the story. 

It's a good beginner chapter if you have never read anything from Valiant prior. It just left me going "huh?" a lot of times. I am really familiar with the 90's Valiant books and the characters due to my experiences. I being a long time reader haven't found that one character or concept in the current Valiant Universe that has made me run to a comic book store to pick up an issue of any of their books. Not that there aren't good creators working on them but due to me feeling "been there, done that." as a collector of the books in the 90's. Also the constant Multiple covers for every book leave me with a bad taste in my mouth.  18 covers for a book? That is just overkill.

  If you enjoy event comics, like Civil War, Convergence, Secret Wars, and have the time and money, pick up "Book of Death" you might see that you love the universe and will stick with it. As far as event books go this is decent i'd give it one and a half stars out of 5. It's just not my personal liking. 


The Secret Screener

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