Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Releases August 21st 2015 (Limited)
1 hr 20 mins
Not Rated


Director: Pat Mills
Writer: Pat Mills

Pat Mills as David Gold
Zahra Bentham as Jabrielle
Tracey Hoyt as Brenda
Don Allison as Doctor
Alexandria Benoit as Lisa
Alastair Forbes as Glen
Jen Goodhue as Mrs. Schlitz
Kevin Hanchard as Principal Newman
Alex Harrouch as John
Allison Hossack as Ginny
Becky Johnson as Waiter
Michael Kaplan as Teen Boy #2
Robert B. Kennedy as Ginnys husband
Michael Koras as Police Officer
Jee-Yun Lee as Reporter
Ian Matthews as Mr. Schlitz
Claire Mazerolle as Meaghan
Laytrel McMullen as Nisha
Jane Moffat as Ms. Simms
Alex Ozerov as Brent ('Ghost')

Review by Stephen M.

Guidance is one of those under the radar type indie films that you need to watch at least once.  A dark comedy, written, directed and starring Pat Mills, who plays David Gold a washed up childhood actor that decides to become a guidance counselor one day on a whim.  And why not, because as an actor you can become anyone and the consequences are pretty darn funny.  Throw in the fact that he's an alcoholic, dying of skin cancer, and has the maturity of a child, he makes the perfect the choice for shaping the lives of our youths!

Most of the humor in the movie stems from the absurdity and naive nature of David's character.  His ability to tune those around him out, and yet still get by with his demented wit will have you laughing.  Such as giving a black student, bandaids painted to match her skin color, is hilarious even if he means well which he surprisingly often does.  It is not only his interaction with the students but the rest of the faculty and those are him like his landlord that showcases such an incredible cast and on point comedic writing by Pat Mills.  There's little to fault about the film other than it at times drag a bit here and there, and as well I wish the ending while funny would have been different.

Overall, I would highly recommend this dark comedy from Canada.  Pat Mills is hilarious as the lead character.  His character David Gold, reminds me of characters like Mr. Bean, where you don't expect things to go right for him, but it does anyway, despite his bumbling naive outlook.  It also helps that the film has a great supporting cast, including the students in the movie.  I would not recommend the movie for young teens given some of the questionable advice that David gives as a counselor as hilarious as they may be looking in from the outside.

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