Wednesday, August 26, 2015

LEGO DC Super Heroes: Justice League: Attack of the Legion of Doom!
Releases on Blu-Ray/DVD August 25th, 2015
1 hr 12 mins
Not Rated


Director: Rick Morales
Writer: Jim Krieg

Mark Hamill as The Trickster and Sinestro
Troy Baker as Batman
Nolan North as Superman
Josh Keaton as Green Lantern
Khary Payton as Cyborg
James Arnold Taylor as The Flash and General Lane
Grey Griffin as Wonder Woman and Lois Lane
John DiMaggio as Lex Luthor and Joker
Kevin Michael Richardson as Captain Cold, Gorilla Grodd and Black Manta
Tom Kenny as Penguin
Cree Summer as Cheetah
Tony Todd as Darkseid
Dee Bradley Baker as Martian Manhunter and Man-Bat

Review by Stephen M.

Going for the record of longest Lego related movie title, LEGO DC Super Heroes: Justice League: Attack of the Legion of Doom! is the latest and my favorite Lego/DC film out thus far.  The humor in the film will appeal to the kids while the action scenes should satisfied any die hard DC Comics fan.  Lex Luthor along with Black Manta and Sinestro decides to form a team to combat the threat of the united Justice League.  They recruit additional members to form their Legion of Doom with an unknown benefactor known only to Lex Luthor.

One of the things I like about the film that differed from the past Bizarro film was the inclusion of more heroes and villains.  And while most of them only have a short scene or two, they each played a meaningful role or joke as in the case of Giganta.  The focus of the film however can be said to be Cyborg and Martian Manhunter.  Cyborg the youngest of the team shows that he can contribute even if he is considered the "weak" link.  For Martian Manhunter, this is his first appearance and it's an origin story nicely told.  Each of the voice actors with tons of experience playing DC characters if not their actual role in this movie does an excellent job.

Overall, I would highly recommend this film.  The Blu-Ray/DVD combo pack comes with an exclusive Trickster Lego figure which you won't be able to get anywhere else.  Besides being highly entertaining, Lego and DC have managed to teach values as well in the film such as using the Flash and Green Lantern's competitive nature as an example.  The film is suitable for adults and young children, pick this up and you won't be disappointed.  The battles between different members of both teams are some of the most entertaining fight scenes involving DC characters I have seen in a long while.

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