Monday, August 3, 2015

The Seventh Dwarf
Released July 31st, 2015 (Limited), DVD/Blu-Ray August 18th, 2015
1 hr 28 mins
Rated PG
Animation, Action/Adventure


Director: Boris Aljinovic, Harald Siepermann
Writer: Bernd Eilert, Harald Siepermann, Sven Unterwaldt Jr., Daniel Welbat, Douglas Welbat

Joshua Graham as voice of Bobo
Matt Gilbert as voice of Tschakko
Al Parrish as voice of Cloudy
Geoff May as voice of Sunny
Joe Marth as voice of Cooky
Norm MacDonald as voice of Burner the Dragon
Peyton List as voice of Princess Rose

Review by Stephen M.

 The Seventh Dwarf out in limited release currently including New York City's Sunshine Cinema Theater, is a mash up of fairy tales including the obvious Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and Sleeping Beauty.  Aside from stunning character designs, the film offers little as far as imagination, humor and entertainment.  The story centers on Bobo the dwarf along with his six companions as they try to rescue the sleeping princess Rose.

There is little to praise about the film.  The character designs and animation is stunning but held back by a lack of fluidity of the characters that make them less lifelike than you would hope.  The only voice actor that is a known commodity in the U.S. is Norm MacDonald who does a good though not memorable job as Burner the dragon.

I cannot endorse any children film that has a suicidal dragon.  Having filmmakers think that it is okay to show nooses around characters for a family movie shows a lack of judgment by them.  I would say that this is perhaps due to a cultural difference with this film being adapted from German.  But the Minions blockbuster also featured a noose around the neck scene which is deplorable.  Choppy animation, dull characters and musical scores add to an incredibly disappointing film not suitable for children or adults for that matter.

I would not recommend this film at all to children and with extreme reservation for adults.  Children, like my nine year old daughter who are less picky may be entertained by this but given the scene with the dragon and the rock, had I known I would have not let her watch the film.  For the adults, it would only be as a case study of what not to do if you want to entertain viewers.  It is kind of bewildering how the film has made its way over to United States.  From what I have read, this is actually the third installment of a series, so the first two films must have been huge hits in Germany.  Instead of this film, entertain yourself with Disney's Sleeping Beauty and Snow White instead.  


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