Monday, September 28, 2015

3 1/2 Minutes, Ten Bullets
Released June 26, 2015 (Limited) September 25, 2015 (Urbanworld Film Festival)
1 hr 38 mins
Not rated


Director: Marc Silver
Writer: Marc Silver

Leland Brunson as Jordan's Friend
Angela B. Corey as State Attorney
Ron Davis as Jordan's Father
John Guy as Asst. State Attorney
Russell Healey as Circuit Court Judge
Lucia McBath as Jordan's Mother
Vic Micolucci as TV Reporter
Tommie Stornes as Jordan's Friend
Cory Strolla as Defense Attorney
Tevin Thompson as Jordan's Friend

Review by Stephen M.

3 1/2 Minutes, Ten Bullets is a documentary on the shooting death of Jordan Davis in 2012 and the trial of his killer Michael Dunn.  Incredibly engrossing with the use of interviews with friends and family and footage from the trials and added soundbites and footage from various sources creating as complete a picture as possible without any direct involvement from Michael Dunn.  It's a chilling tale that no parents would want to go through, but as Jordan's parents mentioned in their Q&A at Urbanworld Film Festival, it was important for them for them to tell their son's story as an outlet of for what they were going through and not have Hollywood tell it.

What really impressed me about the documentary is the use of court room footage which I actually do not see quite often in other documentaries to this extent.  The interviews with the surviving friends from that night's incident was also a nice touch adding a softer human element in getting to understand the kids and their friend, Jordan.  The only thing that I wish they would have included if possible was an actual interview with Michael Dunn after the trials instead of sound bites here and there.

Overall, I enjoyed the documentary and found it extremely interesting in the dissection of the case especially in the courtroom.  The documentary tugs at your emotions in many different ways and makes you wonder a lot of what ifs.  From the portrayals of the youth and the killer in the media to the courtroom, we see a lot of things that has been resonating in America the past few years.   As I have said before, I would have like to see an interview with the shooter especially after his second trial for the first charge of manslaughter.

During the Q&A, it was asked to the parents of Jordan that was part of the Q&A if they felt the judicial system today works against and tries to deter parents of victims to pursue their case.  They responded from the very beginning of the case, the judge told them they were not allowed to make any sound or sudden movement and must sit in the second row for the case.  In most cases, the first row is allowed for parents, but the judge for their son's case denied them this.


Pictures from Q&A at Urbanworld Film Festival:

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