Thursday, October 1, 2015

Releases October 2nd, 2015 (limited) October 6th, 2015 (VOD)
1 hr 30 mins
Not Rated


Director: James Roday
Writer: James Roday, Todd Harthan

James Roday as Marty
Sutton Foster as Kerry
Lily Cole as Mimi
Sarah Silverman as Bethany
Gabourey Sidibe as Winketta
Lothaire Bluteau as Yannick
Gabriel Luna as Hector
Paul Rodriguez as Chuy
Michael Weston as Anson
Molly Ephraim as Cricket
Jimmi Simpson as Stef
Ethan Sandler as Bert

Review by Stephen M.

Gravy the directorial debut of James Roday who is better known as the lead from the TV series Psych is a sadistic bizarre dark comedy.  The film will have you wondering what the heck you just saw as you're equally grossed out and amused at the same time.  Brilliant performances by a who's who of veteran comedian actors with playful dialogue and soundtrack to go along with it, it may be the sleeper comedy hit of the year.

Granted because of the film's themes and dialogues, it may not be for everyone.  A trio of serial killers on Halloween's eve perform a yearly ritual that this year's unfortunate recipients are the employees of the restaurant Raoul's.  They are not your typical killers however, as the twists are not only that they like to entertain their victims with games like Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon but rather along the lines of Eli Roth's The Green Inferno.

Overall, I would recommend the film if you have a chance to see it.  It is due for limited release October 2nd but also on VOD shortly afterwards on October 6th.  The only gripes I would have with this dark comedy is the cameo of James Roday himself and his Psych colleague Dulé Hill.  Their particular sequence seems a bit out of place even for this offbeat movie.  However, great job for James in making this horror film a fun hellish ride for all involved.  I actually saw the film in 2014 during the New York Friars Club Comedy Film Festival and enjoyed it less then due to shock.  But watching it a second time now, you can appreciate what he and the rest of the amazing cast have put together.


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