Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Breaking Through
Releases November 3rd, 2015 (DVD)
1 hr 41 mins
Not Rated
Dance, Drama


Director: John Swetnam
Writer: John Swetnam

Sophia Aguiar as Cassandra "Casey" Wright
Jordan Rodrigues as JJ
Robert Roldan as Drew
Taeko McCarroll as Michelle
Marissa Heart as Tara
Jay Ellis as Quinn
Bruna Marquezine as Roseli
Les Twins (Larry and Laurent) as self
Marcus Emanuel Mitchell as Bryson Chase
Anitta as self
Poreotics as self

Review by Stephen M.

Breaking Through which releases on DVD today is your typical dance crew movie.  You have your familiar plot points of struggles and dramas, but differs itself from the genre with really solid performances from its lead actor and actresses as well as amazing music and dance choreography.  Sophia Aguiar plays Casey who along with her crew has been trying to gain recognition for their dance videos on YouTube for over a year.  They don't make any ripples until they meet Quinn (Jay Ellis) who is starting his own company and wants to manage the crew with his extensive background in the entertainment field and a financier in his pocket.

One of the things I enjoyed about the film are the performances between Casey and JJ (Jordan Rodrigues), a member of her dance crew who has a crush on her.  The camera work with the focus on the footwork and the choreography between the two are the highlights of the film for me.  The characters show great chemistry towards each other in their performances that makes you root for the characters to come together.  The film is executive produced by John Legend and his footprint on the film is evident as if you were watching one of his music videos.  The use of an array of YouTube dancing stars adds to the realism of the story as well including performers Les Twins.

But in regards to the story, the plot is pretty much what you would expect from this type of genre.  The love angles, the fighting within the group, and the side drama that has become standard makes the film entirely predictable.  Despite this though, the dancing is what I usually watch these films for and that doesn't disappoint.  Overall, I would recommend the film if you are a fan of this type of genre.  Those looking for a movie with a deeper story with twists may be a bit disappointed if they watch this.  As much as they tried to build up Casey's character with various layers from her day job, to her relationship with her friends and Quinn, you could pretty much tell from the beginning what the end result would be.  Thankfully, Sophia makes it entertaining despite all of that.


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