Monday, January 25, 2016

We had a chance to try out Put Me In The Story's Star Wars The Force Inside late last year which happened to coincide with the then upcoming Star Wars The Force Awakens movie.  Put Me In The Story if you are not familiar with them, is a publishing company that focuses on personalized children books that includes licensees like Disney/Marvel.

Star Wars The Force Inside which retails for $39.99 which allows you to put your child's name (or inner child's) as well as two images into the customized book.  My first impression upon receiving the book and looking it over is that the hardcover book along with the images they used is very well done.  The quality from the binding to the pictures to the nice large fonts is perfect for kids.  Flipping through the book however, I was a little disappointed that the book was not really a true story book.  The book is separated in halves in which the front portion is dedicated to the light side (Jedi) and the back portion to the dark side (Sith).

The book while providing cool info on a variety of popular heroes and villains of Star Wars is more of a self-discovery book filled with surveys to see what level "Jedi" or "Sith" you are depending on your answers.  From this, and given the profiles the book seems to be geared more toward younger kids than say teens not that they wouldn't enjoy it as well.

Overall, I enjoyed the book and would recommend it though wished it would have contained a story as well.  My daughter who is nine when she was younger received a free personalized Sesame Street book, which was a story book that included her name and picture.  It was a complete story with Grover and that was more of what I was expecting.  For what it is the book is still interesting and would make a great gift for younger kids.  If you do plan to get the book, check on line for coupon codes, which the site seems to always have every now and then.  As well, Disney Movie Rewards if you have some points saved up also offers this book as a reward.


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