Tuesday, January 19, 2016

King's Road #1
Publisher: Dark Horse
On Sale February 10th, 2016 
Peter Hogan (W), Phil Winslade, Staz Johnson (A), Staz Johnson (Cover)

This 48-page special includes all King’s Road chapters from Dark Horse Presents by Peter Hogan and Phil Winslade—and an additional issue’s worth of story drawn by the new King’s Road art team! Artist Staz Johnson (Judge Dredd) and colorist Douglas A. Sirois (The 7th Sword) join Hogan to continue this tale of a family on the run from magical, other-dimensional monsters.

* Value-priced double issue! 48 pages for $3.99!

King's Road a three issue mini series by Dark Horse is a magical tale of a family in suburbia that is about to have their lives flip on their head due to their origin.  While the theme is nothing new, Peter Hogan does a great job in entertaining us still with his version of Camelot meets Narnia.  The art which is split noticeably between Phil Winslade and Staz Johnson in the 48 page special first issue, both seems to fit the tale well.  Phil's pages is slightly more shadowing heavy than Staz, with the coloring slightly more brighter during Staz's tenure by Colorist Douglas A. Sirois.  It's interesting to see the different styles by the same colorist giving you a totally different look to the comic.

With the artwork both slightly above average, with my slight preference towards Staz's only because of his monsters designs, my attention turns to the story.  As I have said these type of tales of a family or person out of place is nothing we haven't seen before.  The mother herself explains to her kids in the story, "You know all those fantasy stories, where someone from Earth goes to another world? A world where magic is real?..."  While well told, the story lacks enough interesting twists to make itself stand out from quite frankly "all those fantasy stories."  Now normally that wouldn't be a problem with just the first issue.  However, taken into account the series is only three issues long, there really isn't a lot of room to grow. 

Overall, I would still recommend the series especially if you like fantasy tales.  I will continue to follow the story to see how it continues, since the investment in time is not deep with only three issues.  Unless the story ramps up quickly though, I fail to see how it can be extended to a monthly series though.  Which is a shame because it looks like there are a lot of stories to tell like back stories of some of the main characters.


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