Thursday, January 28, 2016

Tomb Raider #1 (Dark Horse)
Mariko Tamaki (Writer), Phillip Sevy  (Artist), Agustin Alessio (Cover) Joelle Jones (Variant Cover Artist)
On sale February 17, FOC January 25. 

"Lara Croft is pursuing a lost truth about the world that just might unlock the secret to defeating death! She becomes entangled in a search for a rare mushroom said to grant immortality and a lethal new enemy that just won’t die! Continuing where the Rise of the Tomb Raider game left off!"

Review by Anont C.

        The iconic female video game character, Lara Croft is returning to the page of comics for a brand new Tomb Raider adventure, by Dark Horse Comics. Script by Mariko Tamaki, Line Art by Phillip Sevy, and Color by Michael Atiyeh; this new team deliver to us a new original story for Lara Croft in a comic form, but still retain her rich history as the iconic video game character we all know. The book present itself as an original story, as a continuation from Rise of the Tomb Raider game title, and explore the story further -- just without the controller to guide her.

         The book first explores a day in the life of Lara as an archaeologist, showing us how this part of her work is not what defines her.  When she loses interest to learn about the Amanita Muscaria mushroom from Professor Demur's conference; our protagonist instead prefers to train herself in physical combat. While Lara undergoes her special training of 'blind combat', she started to become aware of her surroundings using just her sense of sound.  However, this training also triggered a flashback painful memory to her. After her training, Lara encounter Professor Demur's assistant, Todd Bellamy, who seeks her out for her field of expertise to search for the Immortal Mushroom, but only to be turn down by Lara. Then as Lara continues with her blind training, and evacuation to her hotel have started; as she evacuates, she encounter a dead Todd Bellamy sitting in the hall. As the plot thickens, Lara suspected that there's seem to be more to this Immortal Mushroom than she expected, she then decided it's time to investigate more on this matter. 

         From this issue, the story itself utilizes a great deal of the Tomb Raider's elements that help sets up for Lara's adventure. While the story may pick up after the story from  Rise of the Tomb Raider series may have left off, it's still a story that can be easily fall in to obscurity -- despite it can be cannon to the video game. Both the story and the visual art demonstrates a great deal of Lara's characteristics and attitude very well, from her mannerism and her fighting style. A few of downside from it seems to be the fight training scenes; as the art panels was decent, but it lacks the true dynamic poses that makes Lara looks strong on a page. Another issue was the story focus too much on her career, and lacks the adventure she is famously known for, in order to set up for the story. 

        If you're in to adventure stories like Indiana Jones or just a fan of the Tomb Raider franchise, this book may peak your interest to collect it and read it.  Otherwise, this book may be better to collect as a set or in TPB, just to be able to read it entirely and not left off as a cliffhanger that the comic medium format usually do -- as many video game's comic adaptation end up being.

Rating: 3 out of 5 Stars

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