Sunday, January 10, 2016

Released November 13, 2015 (Limited), January 5th, 2016 (DVD)
1 hr 23 mins
Not Rated


Director: Eli Morgan Gesner
Writer: Eli Morgan Gesner

Michel Gill as Senior CDC Agent
Johnny Messner as Gault
Ronen Rubinstein as Dante
Jon Abrahams as Vince
Lydia Hearst as Tess
Michael Drayer as Marin
Dylan Penn as Maya
Genevieve Hudson-Price as Alexa
Kea Ho as Pop Star
Perry Yung as Cookie
Anthony Chisholm as Shynola
Michael DeMello as Murphy
Jordan Gelber as Big Foot
Tuffy Questell as Alejandro
Kevin Smith Kirkwood as Roxy
Honor Titus as Loki

Review by Stephen M.

When you have a low budget horror film like Condemned, you go in with low expectations and hope for something innovative as well at least a few good scares.  While the film sports some amazing acting, and is generally a fun watch with its playfulness of death in characters, the absurd plot and cheap make up ultimately makes this one to skip unless you are really bored with nothing else to watch.

When a young girl runs away from her home to live with her boyfriend she wasn't expecting a run down condemned building full of off beat squatters.  From junkies to drug dealer, to even gay neo-Nazis, the building has just about every degenerate you can imagine.  From there, the Director would have you imagine that a mixture of toxic elements from drugs to vomit to male ejaculation can create a virus that can cause the infected to become a frenzied killing machine.  The telltale signs for those infected include a whole lot of pus and swelling that reminds you of the Toxic Avenger.

Overall, I would not recommend this film if you are looking for a serious horror film.  More silly than actual horror, which may be what the Director was going for, there are some things to like such as the solid acting performances all around.  The cast for the most part is not well known with the exception being Anthony Chisholm.  As with any horror film, you usually have a surprise at the end and instead of redeeming itself, the Director continues to insult our intelligence with yet another pointless scene never finding the right balance of good humor and horror.


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