Saturday, February 13, 2016

Play Fair 2016 is in full swing, the first year being held as a con for kids by the folks at Toy Fair.  And yes, just like Deadpool is NOT for kids, Play Fair is definitely more for kids, and not so much adults with no kids.  Yes you have some Funko Pop exclusives from Toy Tokyo and the Batmobile. but aside from that slim picking for adults with no kids.  We were able to attend the morning session courtesy of Play Fair and the NYC Dads Meetup Group.  Here are a few of our takeaways, tips and swag from Play Fair!

Arrive early!  The que line, three in total inside are long but not that long.  There were plenty waiting outside in a que line and with this blistering cold, is just not fun for you or your child.  Bring a sharpie, as they will ask you to write your name and number down on your child's pass in case they get lost.  As you walk towards Play Fair which is close to 39th/40th Street entrance, if you are coming from the 34th Street side, walk thru Jacob Javits where it is warmer and pick up some free tote bag to hold your goodies later.

What I do like about the show especially if you have a child is that the con has equal amount of things for both boys and girls.  Besides sampling new toys at Moose Toys LLC or playing with old ones like Lego, there are lots of physical activities for your child as well.  The Nerf area as well as Swurfer were among the most popular booths.  Aside from those, expect long lines for photo ops if your child is into that and even the Toys R US booth even though you do not need to, to grab a free Geoffrey plush doll!

For those getting your super hero fix, yes the Batmobile from the upcoming Batman vs Superman movie is on display.  But also purchase some books and get some free sketches from the great artistes at Aw Yeah Artist Alley booth.  They're great guys mostly from a local comic shop in Harrison, NY aptly named Aw Yeah Comics.

As you can see from the photos the hall is big, it is the space used by Special Edition NYC Comic Convention if you have attended in the past.  The limit of attendees split between sessions makes for no overcrowding like you do at New York Comic Con.  For the most part you can push a stroller through in about 90% of the area.  As far as cos-players, there are not many.  A few kids and a few by some exhibitors.

Overall, I would recommend Play Fair 2016 if you have young children.  $30 a person can be kind of expensive, but you do get a lot of things to see, do, play and keep in the four hours.  To save some money, get a family plan to split with people or go for a Groupon.  Did you attend Play Fair?  What did you like about it or hate about it?

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