Friday, February 19, 2016

(photo below provided by Nintendo NYC)

By Stephen M.

When you think of Rockefeller Center in New York City, there are a few landmarks that come to mind such as the ice skating rink and Radio City Music Hall.  But when you think of retailers, the first that should always come to mind is Nintendo.  Coming through several transformations since its opening back in 2005.  At the ribbon cutting ceremony along with Charles Martinet (long time voice of Mario & friends in the video games) are Scott Moffitt (Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Nintendo of America), David Young (Assistant Manager, Public Relations, Nintendo of America), Rick Lessley (Video President, Supply Chain Group, Nintendo of America) and Doug Bowser (Vice President of Sales, Nintendo of America).

In its latest incarnation we get a few cosmetic changes while rebranding from Nintendo World Store to Nintendo New York.   The ground floor space is opened up a little more.  As well we have new iconic statues like Donkey Kong.  Upstairs we get a brief history of Nintendo's handhelds as well as consoles.  As far as merchandising goes, not much has changed.  There are exclusives for the grand reopening such as the limited edition Link and Mario Bros shirt with free coin with purchase.  As well Fire Emblem latest software and related console tie ins are offered today and includes a free poster with purchase!

Charles Martinet, chatting with the press and providing colorful insight into his career.  One of the nicest persons you will get to meet.  With the way he switches between himself and his alternate game egos in an effortless joyful way reminds me of the late great Robin Williams.  He will be signing for fans until 7:00pm today.


Lastly, while there check out the cool drawing done by creator Shigeru Miyamoto on the ground floor! (photo below provided by Nintendo NYC)

These two shirts are the limited edition shirts mentioned earlier with free coin with purchase.

How hardcore are Nintendo fans?  Check out our video!

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