Sunday, February 14, 2016

Disney's Tsum Tsum which has gain an almost cult following for their innovative game play on the app as well as the adorable cute stacking plush dolls made as a tie in to the game has expanded with Disney's Marvel brand.  The vinyl figures which comes in three different sizes, made of plastic released last year to as almost a fevered pitch as their soft counterpart.  This year Jakks Pacific is offering the Marvel line including 20 different characters to collect in three different sizes.

The packaging is very familiar with the mystery blind bag, 3 pack and 9 pack that we have seen with the Disney version.  Additionally we get some accessories for which to display and interact with the vinyl figures like Thanos's Infinity Gauntlet.  

The 20 figures set to be released in the first wave are:

Nick Fury
Captain America (Current & Classic)
Grey Hulk
Witner Soldier
Iron Man
Black Widow
Rocket Raccoon
Black Cat
Ghost Rider
Doctor Strange

With the designs in place for these already, can plush versions of these be far behind for those that havent' been released yet???


Jakks Pacific also had their regular Disney Vinyls on display.  Unfortunately there were no sightings of any Star Wars just yet...

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