Saturday, February 20, 2016

Lego's booth at Toy Fair is humugous and their contents a highly guarded secret with their high walls.  With about 375 new sets set for 2016, here is your comprehensive first look at the new sets.  From toddlers with their Duplo line all the way to the more sophisticated challenging Mindstorms.

Expanding on Duplo's licensed products we have several new additions.

Their Juniors line which helps to bridge the gap between Duplo and Lego shares a lot of similarities to their Friends line.

Their Classic line features a colorful assortment of basic blocks to expand their sets.

Among the top five most popular lines are the City series with their fireman and policeman line.

Among their new City line are the Volcano series for the adventurous builders.

City's set of minifigures include for the first time, a minifigure in a wheelchair and a baby.

The yearly Advent Calendar returns.

Figures to coincide with the upcoming Angry Birds movie.

Marvel Comics has a bunch of new sets including Spider-Man and tie ins to Civil War and Avengers!

Three new minifigures series are set to release this year.  Here's the first one!

Based off of Mixels on Cartoon Network...

The ever popular gift giving Creator set.  These make great birthday/holiday gifts for their value and versatility.

Before we got to see Marvel Comics, DC Comics has not been forgotten.

Similar to Marvel's, each pack below has two mini vehicles and two mini figures for $9.99

Expanding upon their Friends and Disney Princess line...

Following the success of their franchise Ninjago, they have created Nexo Knights with an animated series and Lego toys to match!

And of course there's Ninjago.

New Bionicle figures...

And of course their Star Wars line.  Including a new series of sets to tie in with their new show with Disney XD!

The blank figures are just prototypes.  They were not done with the final look in time for Toy Fair.

I've never gotten the appeal for Minecraft, but if you're a fan, there are a couple of new sets!

Lego's Technic line for the older kids looking for more detail.

It does everything but fly!

And who says Lego doesn't listen to their fans?  Dr. Who was chosen in their new poll system and the license was pursued.  There was another prototype as well, a ball/maze game that was chosen but pictures was not allowed.

Their popular architecture series returns again with more buildings for New York and Berlin among others.

And finally their most advanced Lego set, the Minstorms, programmable, and yes those cannons actually shoot stuff!

Which new Lego set most excites you?

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