Sunday, February 14, 2016

Mattel held their Collectors offsite meet up today as a part of Toy Fair 2016.  Their two biggest reveals are their Mega Bloks Destiny line as well as their new DC Suicide Squad toys.  Amid our fellow journalists and photographers as we jostle for the perfect picture, trays of crab cakes and mini lobster roll tacos floated about.  We saw a lot of what made Matty Collector popular such as their Masters of the Universe toys as well as DC and Hot Wheels.  

Starting off with Masters of the Universe, many were prototypes, which Mattel wanted us to keep in mind.

From there we got to see their Monster High figures which along with DC Super Girls is catered toward the female audience.

Figures for the upcoming Ghostbusters movie gives us a glimpse at some of the villains.

Their Hot Wheels licenses crossing over with popular franchises again like Star Wars and of course Marvel and DC.

WWE's classic line has me drooling as much as their zombie line has me scratching my head...


Halo related products, from rifles to RC vehicles and the incredibly detailed figures!

The picture doesn't do this justice as this is huge!  Extremely cool detail for blocks especially with the mousers!

And from the big reveal, comes Destiny joining their line of Mega Bloks toys.

Their DC line of course features the new movie products.

And the second big reveal as mention before are the Suicide Squad figures being release on July 1st.

I love that DC is coming out with these young female fan line of dolls/action figures.  They look awesome too!  They're being released in Target in March and other retailers in June.

This was the scene at the lively underground bar.

The free swag from the event for each attendee.  Action figure varied for each person.

What are you most looking forward to?

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